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Dog Walking Can Extend Your Dogs Life

Dogs are fiercely loyal and extremely lovable creatures. The only thing they demand from you is food, shelter and a lot of love. With the help of dog walking services, you can learn different ways to keep your pet fit and active, in turn increasing their lifespan.

Dogs have a shorter life as compared to humans. Having said this, as experienced dog walkers in India, we understand that their basic demands from their owners are very simple. They do not crave for lavish outings or holidays but only wish for your time to feed them, love them and take them out for their daily walks/run. Keeping our dogs happy and healthy is an important subject for all people who have canine companions.

Their life also forms a top priority for us and it is up to us to ensure that we help them remain fit and agile through their brutally short lifespan. Depending on the breed, the average dog’s lifespan is between 7 to 15 years. However, it is really how we treat them and take care of them to help them extend their life.

With the help of professional dog walkers, you can help your dog reclaim their right to lead a good healthy life and also make them very happy.

There are many dogs who naturally live beyond 15 years of age and can go up to 18, 20 or even 30 years! Surprising isn’t it? Well, it may not hold true for all breeds but we can definitely try to up the ante to help increase the lifespan of our beloved pooch.

There are ways to ensure that your dog leads a longer lifespan that includes

  1. Get them checked by the vet often.
  2. A healthy diet.
  3. Make sure they get plenty of walks and exercise regularly.

Vet check-ups– We usually visit a vet during vaccination time or when your pet is not feeling really well. But with the help of the regular check-ups, you can avoid any unwanted problems, however small it may seem. The way we get our blood reports every once in a year to find out whether there are any anomalies, similarly it is imperative to get them checked as well. This can include regular grooming schedules, dental checks, etc.

With the help of dog walkers in Hyderabad, now you have the chance to give your pet the schedule that he/she wants to help increase their lifespan.

Healthy diet– Having candies and chocolates are harmful to children similarly dogs are prone to damage from them too. Keeping them on a streamlined healthy diet by including a lot of vitamins and natural ingredients, helps them get a great coat of fur and also keeps their muscles and bones strong.

Pet walking– Walks are a vital part of a dog’s life. They not only help them release their excess energy, but also helps to maintain a calmer demeanour. This, in turn, benefits you as well, as you also get to walk every day and maintain a healthy way of life and interact with other dog owners. Pet walkers near me help you to take your dog for a walk on your behalf as well and inculcate a healthy routine. They experience freedom and get to explore their natural surroundings.

Healthy socialization helps them to build lasting bonds with their owners and tones their aggression, making them much happier. Walking definitely helps them exercise their muscles and keeps them heart healthy as well. Dog walking is one of the most effective ways to increase your dog’s life span and a proven one indeed.

Get in touch with dog walkers in Bangalore to understand everything about dog walking and its benefits. We help you, help your dog, live better.

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