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    What is pet insurance?

    Pet insurance is a specialized form of insurance designed to protect the overall health and well-being of various animals. Similar to how we purchase health insurance for ourselves and our loved ones, pet insurance has become an excellent means of providing financial support for our pets when they require medical or other forms of assistance.

    Being a pet owner can be costly, with annual routine expenses for animals on the rise. Expenses such as vaccinations, tick treatments, grooming, and more, can range anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 54,000 annually. Among these expenses, veterinary fees and subsequent medical and surgical costs can be particularly high if your pet requires such care. However, with a pet insurance policy, your pets can receive the best medical and legal assistance in unforeseen situations.

    What are the reasons for considering pet insurance?

    Pet insurance can help you cover the cost of unexpected veterinary bills, such as those for accidents, illnesses, and injuries

    Guarantee optimal well-being

    Thanks to the insurance policy, your beloved pets will receive top-notch treatment and medical attention

    Cost-effective and reduces additional costs

    For a modest premium, your pet can be covered for a variety of benefits, including medical care and accidents

    Protection against unfortunate accidents

    Despite our unwavering attention to our furry babies, they may occasionally sustain injuries while playing

    Additional benefits for your furry baby

    Your pet may receive exclusive benefits from the insurer, such as coverage for third-party damages or pet theft

    Types of Pet Insurance?

    In India, insurance companies have long provided coverage for cattle and livestock. However, private-sector insurers now go beyond death coverage, offering protection for various expenses like worldwide transit, third-party liabilities, theft or loss of pets, entry fees for dog shows, and more. Currently, different types of insurance plans cater to pets

    Dog Insurance:

    With around 28-29 million pets in India, dogs constitute a significant portion, making them the most common pets. The COVID-19 pandemic further boosted pet adoption, particularly dogs, as people sought companionship. As a result, numerous pet insurance plans have emerged, primarily catering to dog owners who wish to safeguard their beloved furry companions from any potential harm


    Cat insurance:

    The charm of all animals is undeniable, and this has led to an increasing number of insurance providers offering special benefits to cat owners. If you happen to be a cat owner, investing in pet cat insurance will safeguard your feisty feline from any mishaps during her adventurous escapades, ensuring her overall well-being and granting you peace of mind


    Our Comprehensive Pet Insurance Coverage includes

    Pet Insurance Inclusions

    Know What's Covered for Your Furry Friend's Peace of Mind


    Surgery Expenses Cover


    Death due to accident/Diseases


    Hospitalization Cover


    OPD Cover


    Lost or stolen dogs


    Pet Insurance Exclusions

    Know What's Not Covered! Protecting Your Pets Wisely and Informed


    Any surgeries that are not necessitated because of illness or accident


    Surgeries to cure deformities or congenital defects are not covered


    Surgeries done due to pregnancy or whelping are not covered


    Any surgery related to grooming is excluded


    Any cosmetic or elective surgery which is not related to injury will not be covered


    Any dental surgery not caused by an accident or injury will not be covered

    Is your pet eligible?

    Pet insurance is available for pets aged 2 months to 10 years, depending on the insurer. Canine insurance covers indigenous, cross-bred, and exotic dogs. Keep in mind that the premium of the insurance plan varies based on the dog's age, breed, and size.

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