Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for all Service Providers

At Petsfolio Pet Services Pvt Ltd (“Company”) we require that all of our Service Providers conduct themselves according to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, behaviour and animal welfare when dealing with our Service Users. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, full compliance with all legal obligations imposed by statute, code of practice, or any other source of law.

This Code establishes the standards of behaviour that must be met by all Service Providers. Where these standards are not met, appropriate action will be taken. In cases where the breach involves serious misconduct, this may result in instant termination. In cases where a breach of the policy involves a breach of any law, then the relevant government authorities or the police may be notified.


The purpose of this policy is to make it clear what the Company expects from Service Providers, and Service Providers are required to be familiar with and comply with the terms of this policy at all times. Failure to do so may result in legal action and termination of our working agreement.  The Company may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace this policy at any time.

Standards of Conduct

The standards expected of Service Partners include:

  • You must not begin offering Pet Care Services through Petsfolio until you have completed and passed the verification process.
  • Service Users we refer to you must continue to be booked via the Petsfolio platform.
  • Never accept cash. Messaging through Petsfolio provides evidence of a written agreement and avoids being ripped off, or disagreements about what service was booked.
  • You must not outsource your services and bookings to other Service Providers or members of your household or family.
  • Always ensure Service Users have completed their Pet’s full profile including emergency contact and ask if their dog has a history of escapism, anxiety, or destruction. Also ensure they brief you on the pet’s habits, health, and daily care routine.
  • Never take dogs to off-leash. There might be a chance for fight break out
  • Always provide daily photo updates to Service Users through Petsfolio. They love receiving them and it helps to relieve their anxiety that their pet is doing okay.
  • Always uphold government laws.
  • Always carry doggy bags, picking up poop every time, and keeping pets on a leash out in public at all times.
  • Never leave any pet in your car for any amount of time. Pets die very quickly from heat stress, even in mild weather.
  • In case of an emergency, always take pets to their registered Vets. In case of illness or even minor scrapes, ensure they are attended to early on before they grow into a problem.
  • Ensure if you get bitten or scratched, you wash your scratch in soap and water and then disinfect it. Your health and safety is important to us.
  • Always respect pet routines and habits (feeding time, walk duration, etc).
  • Compliance with all Company policies, procedures, rules, regulations and Service Provider code of conduct.
  • Compliance with all reasonable and lawful instructions given by or on behalf of the Company.
  • Devotion of the Service Provider’s time, attention and skill during normal working hours and at other times as reasonably necessary for the Service Provider to perform pet care services with diligence and attention to detail.
  • To be honest and fair in dealings with Service Users, third parties, co-workers, Company management and the general public, and to treat them with courtesy and respect.
  • To be faithful and diligent, and actively pursue the Company’s best interests at all times.
  • To provide services in a safe and compliant manner, and to observe all occupational health and safety rules and responsibilities.
  • Refraining from any discriminatory or harassing behaviour towards the Service Users, third parties, co-workers, Company management and the general public.
  • To not make any statements to the media about the Company’s business, unless expressly authorized to do so by the Company
  • Immediately disclosing any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest (whether direct or indirect) that may give rise to a conflict with the performance of the Service Provider’s obligations to the Company, or the Company’s business or reputation interests. The Company may direct Service Providers to take action to eliminate or reduce any such conflict, and Service Partners must comply with such directions.
  • To not engage in misconduct, whether during a booking or after a booking, that in the opinion of the company causes damage or potential damage to the Company’s property or reputation.
  • To not use, or work while affected by use of prohibited drugs or alcohol.
  • To not discriminate on the basis of irrelevant personal characteristics including sex, race, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status or sexual preference.
  • To maintain punctuality and reliability for all bookings.
  • To respect the Company’s property if you are involved at an event.
  • To dress in an appropriate manner and to ensure that appearance is presentable, clean, neat and tidy.
  • Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in termination of our working relationship.
  • To not use the Petsfolio website for non-pet care services ie. to send sexually explicit, suggestive, or other harassing material.
  • To maintain both during engagement and after engagement with the Company, the confidentiality of any confidential information, records or other materials acquired during the course of engagement.
  • Reporting any misconduct of other Service Providers who are in breach of any of the above, or potentially in breach of any of the above, without delay.
  • You have an obligation to ensure that you do not act in a manner which could be considered to be of an unlawful discriminatory nature. This includes but not limited to harassment, bullying, racism or inappropriate sexual behaviour.
  • All individuals must be treated fairly and equally and we do not tolerate discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, disability or any additional ground protected by law.
  • You must not do anything that could be considered offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting by anyone else. This includes unwelcome conduct and comments, either directly against an individual in the workplace or made in a general manner that contributes to an environment that is hostile or lacking respect or dignity. Inappropriate or unwelcome focus or comments on a person’s physical appearance and inappropriate or unwelcome physical touching are forms of harassment and will not be tolerated.
  • You must respect other people’s cultures, beliefs, and identities.
  • You are expected to read and observe all authorized notices that are displayed by Petsfolio.
  • You must not make use of e-mail or any other communication mode for personal purposes without the prior permission of Petsfolio.
  • You are not permitted to remove material or content of any kind from Petsfolio without prior permission.
  • You must notify Petsfolio immediately of any incident causing damage to property belonging to the Service User (e.g. building, equipment, pets), or to the property of Petsfolio, visitors or customers/clients.
  • You must maintain an orderly and courteous manner at all times.
  • You must comply with Petsfolio’s rules specifically about the personal behavior as shown below;

Personal Behavior

I have read and acknowledge that;

  • I will act ethically and with integrity.
  • I will greet and meet the Service Users with respect
  • I will comply with all of Service Provider’s policies mentioned in this document, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • I will respect the rights of all Service Users.
  • I will not abuse confidential information, or participate in any other illegal practice.
  • I will have regard for Service Users’ interests, rights and safety.
  • I will not harass, bully or discriminate.
  • I will not falsify my own or any other identity and I will provide true and correct information.
  • I will not seek to communicate or receive/initiate payments off-site.
  • I will not agree to do work I am not capable of doing.
  • I will not request the upfront release of milestone payments before I have delivered work.
  • I will not use vulgarities on Service User
  • I will not consume tobacco or pan masala during the service
  • I will make myself physically fit during the service
  • I will not use mobile phones and other personal communication devices at the time of service
  • I will make sure my personal cleanliness before starting the service.
  • I will take necessary vaccination on timely manner
  • I will not impersonate. I will not ask others to impersonate me
  • I will not outsource the service to others
  • I will not create more than one account with my identity
  • I will make sure that I have valid certifications to perform the job
  • I will not not authorize others to use my account on the Platform
  • I will not assign or otherwise transfer my account to any other person or legal entity
  • I will not use the Platform for unlawful purposes
  • I will not use the Platform to cause nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience
  • I will keep secure and confidential the account password or any other identifications
  • I will provide Petsfolio with whatever proof of identity it may request
  • I will not provide food/water to pets, unless it is authorized or requested by the Service User.

Alcohol & Drugs Consumption

It has been proven that alcohol and substance misuse can have a detrimental effect upon your health and can adversely influence your performance and your relationships with Service Users. If there is unacceptable behaviour resulting from alcohol and substance misuse, including poor work relationships, the on-going relationship with the Service Provider as a freelancer of the Company will be carefully considered.