Abode of the shortest breed of cattle

Home to world's tiniest cows, the adorable Punganur breed resides.

Why we need a Cow at Home

Having a cow at home offers various benefits, including a fresh source of milk and dairy products. Cows also provide organic fertilizer, contribute to sustainable farming practices, and can be companions for both adults and children. Additionally, their calm demeanor and nurturing presence can enhance the overall atmosphere of a home, promoting a sense of connection to nature and rural traditions.

Miniature Cows

Explores the charm of small-sized cows, known for their adorable appearance, gentle nature, and practical benefits. From providing milk to adding joy as companions, they enrich farms and households with their unique presence.

Punganur cows

Averaging 70-90 centimeters in height, are one of the smallest cattle breeds. Originating from Andhra Pradesh, India, they are prized for their compact size, gentle disposition, and exceptional milk production capabilities.

Let's Explore

Punganur cow
2 Years
Miniature cow
1 Years
Micro Mini
2 Years
Boni Bengal
2 Years
Ground Surface
2 Years/Male
Ground Surface
2 Years/Male

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Explore our Breeds

Offers a comprehensive overview of various cattle breeds, highlighting their unique characteristics, history, and potential uses, aiding farmers and enthusiasts in selecting the ideal breed for their specific needs.

Miniature Cows

Originally standing at 5 feet tall, through selective breeding and research, miniature cows, such as the Punganur breed, now reach only 1 foot in height.

Punganur Cows

Punganur cows, originating from Andhra Pradesh, India, are miniature cattle breed, prized for their small size, gentle nature, and nutritious milk.

Other Varieties

We boast numerous indigenous varieties such as Potti Manyam, Boni Bengal, Malnad Gidda, and Vechur breeds among our diverse selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Punganur cows, and what makes them unique?

Punganur cows are a small-sized indigenous cattle breed native to Punganur village in Andhra Pradesh, India. They are known for their miniature stature and unique genetic traits.

2. What are the distinguishing physical characteristics of Punganur cows?

Punganur cows typically have a small frame, with cows averaging around 70-90 centimeters in height and bulls slightly larger. They have a distinctively short and compact body, with a broad forehead and a convex profile.

3. What is the history and origin of Punganur cows?

The Punganur cow breed traces its origins back to the Punganur region of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is believed to have evolved over centuries through natural selection in the local environment, resulting in its distinctive characteristics.

4. What are the primary uses or benefits of owning Punganur cows?

Punganur cows are primarily used for dairy purposes, although their milk production is relatively low compared to larger dairy breeds. They are valued for their adaptability to harsh climates, low maintenance requirements, and the quality of their milk, which is rich in nutrients.

5. How do Punganur cows compare to other cattle breeds in terms of milk production and temperament?

Compared to other cattle breeds, Punganur cows have lower milk production but are valued for their small size, which makes them suitable for small-scale farming and backyard rearing. They are known for their gentle temperament, making them ideal for family farms or as pets.