• Helps with
    weight control

  • Maintain dogs
    physical health

  • Decreases

  • Improves
    mental health

  • Improves
    better behavior

  • Improves

Certified Trust & Safety

With a huge experience and experience in dog training and services, we have become the trusted and certified official vendor for Telangana Police and A.P Police. The recognition of all our efforts to ensure a dogs safety has helped us achieve this big breakthrough.

Daily Folio
(weekly 6 Days morn & evng)
Two times

  • 25 mints walk
  • Combing
  • Paws cleaning
  • Live tracking

Daily Folio
(weekly 6 Days morn or evng)
One time

  • 25 mints walk
  • Combing
  • Paws cleaning
  • Live tracking

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Expert Team
At your door step
All sizes of breeds
At your preferable time


Just wanted to thank you for walking Rusty. She is always very excited when you pick her up for her morning walk. Saves me so much time and I know shes in good hands. Many thanks and I'll recommend you to my friends.

- keerthi G

Petsfolio walking is highly recommend in Hyderabad the walker Praveen who walks my pet Daisy ,he care very well once again thanks for Petsfolio team

- Arun raj

They are the absolute best and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog walker!!

- sai eswar

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Do you walk multiple dogs at a time?

Yes we walk close to 3 to 5 dogs at a time so that the dog also has good company and does not get anxious. If you want to have exclusive dog walking services in Hyderabad, we can absolutely arrange it for you.

Why should I choose Petsfolio?

Petsfolio comprises of a team of highly trained dog experts and dog lovers who understand the behaviour of dogs thoroughly. They not only cater to your dogs’ every requirement, but also give them a lot of exercise and games to make them healthy and fit.

Do I have the same dog walker every day?

Yes, mostly you will have the same dog walker everyday just to ensure that your dog is absolutely comfortable. However, in case of any exigency, the dog walker may be replaced to avoid any break. We will keep you informed at all stages of the walk.

What are your charges for dog walking services?

Our packages are custom-made and broken into daily, weekly and monthly packages. You can check out our website www.petsfolio.com to understand the rates better.

What if my dog has special needs?

We understand how concerning it could be when your pet friend has a special need. We assure you that we are equipped to take care of your friend’s special need. All you need to do is mention in the records while registering and leave the rest to us. It is that simple.

Are Dog walks with or without leash?

We take your dog for a walk with leash only unless you specifically mention not to. However, it will be at owner’s risk, if dogs off leash are taken for the walk.

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Our news
Give Your Dog A Break With Amazing Dog Walking Services in Hyderabad

Have you ever been short of time to take your dog out for a walk? Does this make your pet feel uncomfortable? Now avail the best dog walking services in Hyderabad, brought to you by Petsfolio!

With a knack of handling all types of breeds, dog walkers in Hyderabad help you manage your dogs’ walking and exercise schedule with ease. They are trained to help them enjoy their walks by including games, running, fetching, etc. in their schedule. You can connect with them as per your convenience!

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Professional Pet Walking Services Now Available in Hyderabad!

We all know that dog walking is great for our pet, but do we really make it a habit every day? Well, with expert  dog walking services , from Petsfolio you can now make this into a great habit every day!

Professional dog walking services in Hyderabad  from Petsfolio have been designed to ensure that your pet receives his / her daily dose of fun and games with a great walk. Our expert dog walkers help them to engage with their surroundings, release mental and emotional stress, and takes responsibility and care of your pet outdoors.

We offer customized packages to meet your requirement with absolute ease. Get your dog the necessary walk he requires by signing up for Petsfolio dog walking services, today!

Great Dog Walking Services by Petsfolio, Hyderabad!

If your dog is giving you a hard time walking in a leash, Petsfolio is your answer to reinforce a positive experience. Give your dog the love he deserves with professional dog walking services.

Pulling and tugging on the leash is pretty common amongst dogs, but to make this experience a pleasant one takes patience. Professional dog walkers at Petsfolio ensure that your pet gets the desired physical activity along with great rewards for being a good pet. Our techniques help to calm even the most hyper dog, making him more sociable.

Connect with our dog walking service in Hyderabad for more details!

Avail The Best Dog Walking Services In Hyderabad Today!

If your pet is feeling lazy, it is time to take them out for a regular walk or exercise. Professional dog walking services make sure that your pet receives their daily dose of physical activity to keep them healthy.

Connecting with Petsfolio dog walkers in Hyderabad helps dogs to become more social, loving, healthy and active. Dog walkers understand every dogs behaviour and can customize the workout to suit their need.

We offer customized packages to meet your requirement with absolute ease. Get your dog the necessary walk he requires by signing up for Petsfolio dog walking services!

Dog Walking Services In Hyderabad, Now In Affordable Packages!

Let’s admit, dog walking is quite a mundane job for ever dog owner. Although it acts as a bond between you and your pet, however, you may not get the time everyday to do the same. Petsfolio presents affordable dog walking services in Hyderabad to ease your walking woes.

Get professional dog walkers to take your dog out for a walk at your convenience, daily or weekly. Along with walking your dogs get a chance to interact with other pets, play games, and much more.

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Dog Walking Lead to Enjoyable Health

Are you seeking perfect dog walkers or your paw doesn’t want to walk and when he /she is not have courteous with you. What are you waiting for look ahead for dog well being for your hearty. Here is the best solution to provide you care for your dog with well trained pro walker and who can analysis prosperity of dog to keep joyful and healthy with good walking.

Draw with petsfolio to understand the need of your dog with dog walking   service dog walker are best buddy to dogs they can well assume the behavior what they are need and going through make sure to choose fitness of your dog. What are you delaying and get associated with petsfolio dog walkers in Hyderabad   we figure out need of your dog social graces.