• Helps with
    weight control

  • Maintain dogs
    physical health

  • Decreases

  • Improves
    mental health

  • Improves
    better behavior

  • Improves

Certified Trust & Safety

Trust is the main binding ingredient in every relationship. Dog walking is also based completely on trust and compassion. With our dedicated work in the field of dog training and other services, we have earned the trust of the police department and are the official vendor of Telangana Police and A.P Police.

Daily Folio
(weekly 6 Days morn & evng)
Two times

  • 25 mints walk
  • Combing
  • Paws cleaning
  • Live tracking

Daily Folio
(weekly 6 Days morn or evng)
One time

  • 25 mints walk
  • Combing
  • Paws cleaning
  • Live tracking

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Expert Team
At your door step
All sizes of breeds
At your preferable time


Really it's very awesome service from u guy's. Definitely I'll refer u with my friends. Service and the tracking process is really I'm happy with that. Kindly maintain the same procedure. The process of working is good.

- Ram Singh.B

Great team of dog walkers. My dog loves them!

- Jivana naidu

Previlage dog walking services. My dog loves them!

- Rudraprathap C

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  • Live Tracking
  • Book On Demand
  • Secure Walker Identification
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Do you cater to all breeds of dogs?

Yes we cater to all breed of dogs and have specific dog walkers and trainers to tend to them. In case of any behavioural issue, we have to be notified in advance to tackle it delicately.

Do you offer face to face meeting with the dog walker?

Yes, we do offer an initial consultation with the dog walker to get you and your dog familiarized with the individual. You may want to clarify any questions that you may have and also know a little more about Petsfolio services from our consultant.

Where do you walk?

We walk your dog in a safe environment that is free from traffic. This will include parks and gardens that are pet friendly and your pet will be supervised by our dog walker constantly.

What happens if my dog does not get along with other dogs?

We carefully supervise and select the dogs that can be walked together. In case you have multiple dogs, we can customize the services exclusively for your pet. If we find an imbalance in the dogs behaviour and walking, we will inform you immediately and switch the dogs company. We want the dogs to have a friendly and warm experience while walking.

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Dogs need their daily dose of exercise and walks to keep them fit and healthy. Petsfolio dog walking services in Bangalore help your pooch to avoid developing untimely health issues and become very lethargic.

Petsfolio dog walkers are trained professionals who have a keen sense of canine temperament and understand their nuances very well. They provide your dog with a sense of attachment playing games, helping them follow basic commands, taking them for regular scheduled walks and much more.

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It is important to walk and play with your dog every day to help them get their daily dose of mental and physical stimulation. Walking helps them to get rid of boredom, aggression, different behavioural issues, and isolation. Socialising with other dogs will help them develop a better social skill.

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 Dog Walking is an art that requires patience and affection from the dog walker. Whether it is you or an expert at work, there is a lot of time that needs to be invested to make your dog become independent and more sociable.

If you are looking for pet-friendly dog walking services in Bangalore, you have come to the right place! Petsfolio offers exciting customized packages to train your pet with advanced leashing training, physical training techniques and much more.

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