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10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Dog Walking

Dogs are the one of the most loyal and trusted partners that you can have. With the right amount of love, affection and obedience training, you can actually make this journey more enjoyable. Dog walking and dog training are few of the things that help you in making your pet owning experience more interactive and fun.

As one of the leading dog walking services provider in India and other parts of the country, Petsfolio has always harped upon the importance of instilling the right values in your dogs to help them become better partners and pets. While there are a dozen things that you know about dog walking, but there are many things that you still may be unaware of.

Let us walk you through some of the top 10 dog walking things you do not know.

Wrong leash

A wrong leash can prove to be a big set back for you and your dog. Dog walking cannot be enjoyed if your pet has the wrong leash and constantly keeps tugging at it. While many trainers may tell you to get a simple harness or leash, it is important to keep the different stages of dogs in mind while buying a leash. A front clip harness and leash is recommended by Petsfolio dog walkers to make dog walking enjoyable.

Walking puppies

We all adore those cute little fur balls that can be held in our arms and simply snuggled into. What many dog owners don’t know is that it is important to not walk your puppy for too long. They are still developing their strength and hence it is only advisable to take your dog walking for about 20 minutes. This will help them conserve their energy and become fitter.


It is important for dogs to have a routine but many owners tend to ignore this factor. Dog walks should be followed at particular time slots to help the dogs understand the different times of the day. This will help them develop certain specific behaviours and help in better expectation setting. So, even when you walk them around new places, their behaviour will remain unchanged.

Petsfolio provides complete dog walking services in Hyderabad and other metros at absolutely affordable prices.

Dog treats

While it is important to make dogs listen to you or understand your commands, it is equally important to keep in mind when to give them dog treats. Dog walking can be a challenge for many breeds and many owners end up giving them treats at odd times just to keep the dog calm. It is a strict no. Keep dog treats rewards for their good behaviour to help them understand the importance of getting them. Let’s not spoil them bad, shall we?

Walk everyday

More than 20% of dog owners do not walk their dogs every day. This is a big set back for dogs. Dog walking is a great way to help them unleash their energy and unwind after being cooped up at home for longer time frames. Not walking your dogs every day can lead to major repercussions such as bad behaviour, incessant barking, aggressiveness, social aloofness, etc.

Tugging them  

It is important to let the dogs get acquainted with their environs to help them recognize it better. Many dog walkers and dog owners end up tugging their dogs very hard while walking, thus making the entire experience quite unenjoyable for the dogs. Letting them sniff around the grass or trees or any surface is a good way to get them acquainted with their surroundings. This will also help them pee and poo better.

Dog poop

Once your dog is comfortable with the environment it becomes easier for them to poop. One of the mistakes that dog owners and dog walkers make is not picking up the dog poop while taking them around the neighbourhood. It is important for owners and walkers to understand that such poop can lead to unhealthy surroundings that can be harmful for pets and humans alike. So let’s be a good owner and dog walker and pick up the poop with a doggy scoop.

Identification tag

We often ignore this basic and most important aspect while taking our dogs out for a walk. Whether it is trusting your dog with a reliable dog walking services, it is always important to have an ID tag around the dogs neck. In case of any emergency, someone will know where to contact the owner, especially if the dog gets lost.


Another important point to remember post dog walking is the need to have the right amount of water. Many dog owners often end up forgetting this crucial point and not hydrate their pets enough. We all need a good amount of water post a big run or walk, the same applies to your dogs. Keep their water bowl ready as soon they come back.

Other dogs

While it is good to have company it is better to have known company. Many dog owners and dog walkers forget to enquire if it is alright for our dog to play with theirs. It is important to ask permission before touching or petting another dog while taking your own out for a dog walk. This ensures their safety and yours as well.

With a number of experienced dog walkers on board, Petsfolio provides you with comprehensive dog walking services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Vizag, Goa, etc. to make your job far easier. Get in touch with our furball enthusiasts on www.petsfolio.com for more details today!

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