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Which Dog Is Best For Home Security?

Protect Your Home With The Finest Security Dogs.

Protecting your home and family are extremely important in today’s day and time. Every home-owner wishes to get a security patrol dog who will be able to protect their home from intruders. However, before you actually go and purchase one, there are a few intricacies that you need to be aware of.

Every dog is not a security dog and every breed has a different peculiarity that sets them apart from their contemporaries. You have to ensure that you are prepared to handle and willing to properly tend to the requirements of a security dog. They are unlike your cute little pets who simply love to be pampered and petted. These dogs are born with a gift of working and they have to be a pet first before a guard dog. They cannot be confined to the four walls of a home and need to be exercised to help them remain active.

If you think a pug or a dachshund will scare away prying intruders, then we guess you have the wrong dog. Not every dog has an innate ability to lookout for intruders but through generations of their evolution, each dog has had a specific job that they have tended to. They have been bred for specific jobs including protection.

Let us have a look at some of the best guard dogs security herewith-


They are named for their unusual behaviour of standing on their back legs and “punching” with their front legs. This large breed is quite full of energy and requires a considerable amount of exercise in order to keep them calm an obedient. If a Boxer receives adequate attention and applies a good deal of energy he proves to be an exceedingly loyal companion.  They are very patient with children and are extremely protective about their home. So if you have an intruder, rest assured he will not be spared!

German Shepherd

An excellent breed known for his hunting and service skills, they are innately talented, loyal and fabulous security patrol dogs. Their keen sense of development has seen them being employed in the police force, military as well as homes. This breed instils a sense of confidence in anyone looking for a guard dogs security. They are true helpers of the family and wherever they are used for service. There is actually nothing that they cannot do.

Great Dane

Great Danes are far from being easily overwhelmed when trained as security dogs. They are practically closer in size to horses than to your average pup. The good news is, however, that these dogs are also known as ‘gentle giants,’ thanks largely to their extremely kind and family-friendly nature. These need to receive proper training as they can easily intimidate an intruder rather than immediately attack.

Doberman Pinscher

They require a lot of attention and exercise every day to be able to calm them down. Their level of energy is unmatched and prove to be quite an asset as a security dog. Their lean body and long legs helps them run really fast. These dogs are best suited if you have a large home with a fence or backyard as they cannot be cooped up in an apartment. They are strong, brave and extremely fast.


A cross between a bulldog and Mastiff, this amazing breed is known for its strong sense of loyalty, strength, and intimidation. They are great security dogs and are fiercely protective about their family and owners. They are quite muscular and can run really fast if they spot an intruder in the house. They can chase down their prey and pin them to the ground while waiting for their handler or owner to arrive. They are not to be fooled with. A great investment for your home.

All these dogs need to be trained by expert dog trainers who know the workings of a security dog. Petsfolio offers specific dog security training services that will ensure that your pet begins early and learns to respond to complex commands by the time they touch 2 years of age. Keep your home and family safe with guard dogs security, every day!

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