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Discover the Health Benefits of Ashwagandha and Neem for Your Beloved Dog

The world’s oldest holistic health system, Ayurveda, has been practised for over 5,000 years. While we have seen the benefits of Ayurveda for our general wellbeing, it has played a vital role in veterinary medicine as well. It has been used to treat different animal ailments, animal welfare, surgical procedures, natural healing, treatment therapies, and much more.  

Ayurvedic medicines or herbs have been used to treat different bodily treatments of dogs and pets, in general. The combination of herbs are well-researched and work differently on different breeds of animals or dogs. You must understand your pets’ body type (prakriti) before proceeding with any treatment. 

If you have a pet at home, you are constantly on the lookout for methods to make their life easier and keep them healthy.Pet owners may improve the general health of their pets as well as the well-being of their pets by employing numerous Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and Neem.

Let us take a quick look at benefits and use of Ashwagandha and Neem in Dog Care. 

Ashwagandha in Dog Care

Ashwagandha is a good hematinic with anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. 

Calming properties
Ashwagandha is categorised as an adaptogen, which means it is non-toxic and beneficial to the body’s health in a number of ways. It helps your dog cope with his fear or anxiety by reducing tension.They can be bought in capsules or in powdered form.

Strengthens the immune system
Its’ immunity boosting effects help calm a dogs’ immune system and regulates their body movement. With anti-inflammatory effects, it can help ease your pets’ muscles, joints, bones, and much more..

Skin and Fur
Ashwagandha is a natural remedy for skin infections, allergies, hot spots, and itchy skin. Pay attention to your dogs’ body type before using Ashwagandha. It helps to maintain a good fur or coat and lessens their hair-shedding in peak season. 

Promotes overall health
Ashwagandha promotes normal nerve and cardiovascular function, ensuring that your dog’s overall health is maintained.Research for the dog health industry in India shows ashwagandha improves liver, cognitive function, memory, and coordination in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Fights tumours
It can also aid in the prevention and treatment of major diseases such as cancer and tumours.

The Advantages of Neem for Dogs

Like Ashwagandha, there are other herbs that help in the natural treatment of different ailments and issues with dogs, and one of them is Neem. A natural remedy for multiple health issues, Neem has been a tried and tested herb for humans and dogs alike. 

Protects against ticks and fleas

Neem is an excellent natural insect repellent and insecticide. It helps to take care of persistent dog problems such as ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, mites, and other insects.

Antibacterial qualities

Neem’s antibacterial characteristics can aid in the treatment of a variety of illnesses, including colds, dengue fever, and malaria. Furthermore, its capacity to combat several forms of germs protects your dog from sickness. So, if your dog has an upset tummy, you know you can administer a little neem juice to ease their discomfort. 

Antifungal qualities

Neem’s antifungal capabilities protect your dog’s skin from fungal illnesses like ringworm and candidiasis. If you see an ingrowth of fungus or any skin disease, you can apply neem in its raw paste form or in the form of a cream. 

Antioxidant properties

Neem also includes antioxidants that aid in the management of free radicals. Free radicals can cause a variety of ailments, including eye problems, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Prevents diabetes

Neem can help diabetic dogs regulate their blood sugar levels. It may also aid in the prevention of diabetes in dogs.

Healthy skin and coat

Neem is high in omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, making it an excellent ingredient for boosting your pet’s skin and coat health.Neem soothes itching in dogs because it repels insects and has antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Food allergies can be irritating, and essential fatty acids and vitamin E can aid in easing the irritation.

Other benefits of Neem Oil

  • Neem aids in the healing process of hot areas, bug spots, dry spots, irritation, and other skin-related issues: Neem can help heal wounds, cure eczema,, psoriasis, and aid in the healing process of hot spots, insect spots, dry spots, irritation, and other skin-related disorders. Research on the pet care industry shows that  it treats dermatitis.
  • Neem oil can be used directly, added to shampoo, or produced into a spray by combining it with other oils. Internal usage of the oil is not advised. The dried leaves of the neem tree, on the other hand, can be ingested for further health advantages.
  • Some dog owners mix neem oil with grape seed or olive oil and apply it directly to areas where parasites are prone to emerge, such as the head, ears, tail, shoulders, and flanks. As a prophylactic strategy, do this every two or three days to stave against illnesses and infestations.
  • For instant relief, apply the diluted mixture to areas of irritation such as sunburns or hot spots.
  • To dilute neem oil, start with a solution of one part neem oil to ten parts grape seed or olive oil. If the situation persists, increase the amount of neem oil in the combination.
  • Never use the oil on irritated skin or open wounds, and keep it away from your eyes. Allowing your pet to lick the product is not a good idea. A poor response is shown by nausea, tiredness, and diarrhoea. Convulsions and respiratory distress are serious conditions that must be treated by a veterinarian.


Ashwagandha can be found in a variety of pet products. Choose herbal shampoos, conditioners, balms, and oils if you use them on your skin and coat. Many pet owners dilute neem oil and apply it to their pet’s diseased skin. Petsfolio help you get the best advice from experts regarding ayurvedic treatment for animals and help you make their lives easier. 

You may pick meals, snacks, oils, and supplements that contain neem or ashwagandha as a supplement or as part of their dog food ingredient, if you need to strengthen your pet’s immunity and improve their general health.

We advise you to consult a veterinarian before going ahead with any product. With special ayurvedic doctors, you can ensure that your pet receives the best care and does not fall prey to unwanted diseases and ailments.  

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