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Should Dogs Be Walked Every Day?

All dogs comprise of some basic qualities that set them apart from other pets. Their agility, alertness, friskiness and much more define their overall demeanour. Dog walking is imperative for your pet every day because of the way they have developed and evolved over a period of time.

With restricted spaces to move around and a very hectic lifestyle, it has become difficult for dogs to naturally get exercised like before.

Whether your dog is a mixed breed or a purebred, chances are that he/she carries that genetic traits that actually drive him to pursue some form of activity. They can either be great runners or herders, workers or sporty dogs; this inherent quality defines a lot of their characteristics.

Today, dogs do not get the opportunity to step outside freely and run, walk or just play. This is where investing in professional dog walking services comes in handy. Although their keen senses may steer them towards some physical activity, however, it is quite rare that he / she will exercise on their own in your backyard or even in the garden.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to ward off boredom and keep them happy and agile. An irritable dog is bound to do more harm than good to himself or others. Investing in good pet walking services will enable your dog to get the required stimulation to lead a healthy life.

Why and how to walk your dog may seem like a ‘no brainer’, but most pet owners do not realise the importance of-

  • Who should walk your dog
  • When to walk them
  • And the dreaded walks itself where the dog is walking the owner and not vice versa.

If you are looking for really good pet walkers in Hyderabad, you have come to the right place.

With a team of excellent trainers, we cater to every breeds requirement of walking, playing and training them to become better pets. Pet owners, who face a paucity of time, should invest in dog walking services to enable their pets to get the required physical and mental stimulus, every day.

Before you head out

It is important to understand and make your pet understand the importance of walking together. You need to invest in a securely fitted collar that will keep your pet in place. Remember, you are in-charge of taking them out and not vice-versa.

As experienced dog walkers, we understand the immediate need of ratification of your pup to step out. We ensure that the walks last for a short while to get them acquainted with their surroundings. This will help build a routine and get them to understand the importance of walking with you and not ahead of you.

Health first

The best way to develop a dogs health is to start walking him daily. We advise starting on this beautiful journey right from the time they are puppies. This will help them get familiar with their surroundings and get into a healthy habit of walking every day.

As experienced dog walkers, we know that every breed of dog is different from the other and we keep that in mind while taking them for a walk. Some need to be walked, while others need a rigorous set of exercise or play time to make them feel invigorated.

Social skills

Dogs learn to socialize too, while in the company of other pets. If left in seclusion for a long time, dogs can become snappy and aggressive. This is the reason why experienced dog walking services help in making the dogs get to learn about other pets or even walk and play with them.

Behaviour skills

Not all dogs are aggressive by nature. While some are quite docile, others can be reckless to handle. This is where a good dog trainer comes into play. By indulging daily walk routines, you can help tone down their behaviour and train them to become better pets.

Dog trainers understand the psyche of all pets and help them to learn about their surroundings and help them adapt to better behaviour that is suitable for everyone around.

Eating well

A good dog walking schedule helps the dogs to build up a good appetite and makes them eat right. There are different home-cooked meals that you can give them or indulge in high grade dog food to help them get the right nutrition in one meal.

As your dog walking expert, we advise you to invest in good dog food that is power-packed with all the essential nutrients and also helps them revitalise their energy for exercises and walks.


A well-stimulated dog is a delightful package to have around. If your pet is mentally stimulated, he is less likely to get bored or get lonely. This will also make them more agile and responsive while communicating with owners and dog walkers.

A good walk will ensure that the dogs are in good control of their actions, to respond better to their caregivers. As an experienced dog walking agency, we advise pet-owners to invest in giving their dogs a professional service to better their actions and make them obedient pets.

Hectic lifestyle

We understand the hectic lifestyle that many pet-owners go through and engaging the fruitful services of a pet walker will definitely help you ease your woes. You can assign any time convenient to you- morning or evening, and also decide the duration he / she needs to be walked.

This way you can be guilt-free of taking the dog out and let your dog have a good time walking and playing outside.

For more information regarding top-class Dog walking services in Hyderabad, connect with www.petsfolio.com and let our walkers take care of the rest!

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