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Professional Dog Boarding in Hyderabad for Holidays

Have you ever gone on a vacation where you were unable to take your beloved dog with you? Often you end up asking your relatives or friends to board them in their house so that you can enjoy a stress-free vacation. With the best dog boarding services in Hyderabad, Petsfolio offers you the comfort of leaving your dog in complete care of ardent dog caretakers who are adept at handling dogs of all breeds.

Petsfolio is a leading dog boarding service in Hyderabad known for its modern day care centre and boarding service for dogs of all age groups. With modernized kennels and round the clock monitoring, your dog is now comfortable in a home, away from home. There are multiple dog boarding facilities available today, however, choosing the one that takes care of all aspects of your dogs’ needs are few. You would want a dog boarding agency that can cater to the overall development of your dog, rather than just boarding them.

Petsfolio ensures that your beloved pet is given an adequate amount of walks, games and great quality pet food that is necessary for their emotional and physical stability. Some salient aspects of our dog boarding services in Hyderabad include-

  • Safe kennels with individual boarding.
  • High-quality pet food that is given at regular intervals so that your dog is fed on time.
  • A team of professional dog walkers in Hyderabad who understand the temperament of different dogs.
  • Affordable payment plans that are not heavy on your pocket.
  • The on-call vet who can cater to dogs, in case of an emergency.
  • Hygienic surroundings that are equipped with cameras to keep a track of your dogs’ well-being.
  • Opportunity to interact and mingle with other dogs and trainers to enhance their olfactory and social skills.

We encourage the pet owners to get their dogs to the premises to get them acquainted with their surroundings to make them feel less anxious while away from the owners. Pet owners can also leave specific food for their pets in disposable containers so that the dogs do not miss their regular diet. If a dog is used to a certain set of chewy toys, we allow the owners to leave it in the kennels that the dog is being put up in.

Petsfolio has earned a great name as a leading dog boarding service in Hyderabad because of their relentless efforts regarding dogs safety and positive ambiance. Just the way you trust a friend, it is important for your dog to be able to trust the person who is looking after them.

Petsfolio provides you with affordable and great pet boarding services in Hyderabad, giving your dog the chance to grow and become more adaptable. Now don’t leave your dog alone at home or with a relative if you have the best dog boarding in Hyderabad available at your doorstep!

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