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How Frequently Does Your Dog Need To Be Groomed?

You will be amazed to find myriad breeds of dogs. There are short-haired dogs, curly-haired dogs, long-haired dogs, no-hair dogs, and so on. Different breeds have different requirements. Every dog is unique in nature, and so are its grooming needs. You have to comb, brush, wash, and trim your dog’s coat depending on the hair length, the texture of hair, and the density. Moreover, you can follow some general guidelines when grooming your dog.

Your dog’s food, exercise, vaccines, and veterinary care are important. And so is grooming. Grooming is just ‘one-word’, but it encompasses many things. You should know about them in detail.

Grooming Your Dog – Standards

  • Brushing the coat
  • Bathing and shampooing
  • Tick and flea removal
  • Clipping nails
  • Brushing teeth
  • Cleaning Paws
  • Cleaning Ears
  • Cleaning the anus

These are the main aspects of grooming your dog. You can do the same at home, or you can also get in touch with grooming experts. They can handle the entire task in a more professional manner without hurting the dog. Brushing tends to held release dead skin and dander from the surface of your dog’s skin, which remains mostly hidden beneath the coat. It also massages the skin and leads to good blood circulation. Additionally, you should give regular baths to your dog, but not frequent ones. It can strip the natural oils from the surface of the skin. You should ensure to use dog-friendly shampoos to give your pet pooch a bath. Moreover, you should never leave too much water and dry the same immediately, and if possible, with a hair dryer.

It is important that you understand professional grooming standards. Not all can be done at home. Pet grooming professionals have special clippers, which they use to clip the dog’s nails. You may or may not be able to handle it, leading to cuts. Furthermore, you should regularly clean your dog’s ears and paws. Fleas and ticks tend to gather in these areas, as they are hidden from public view. Teeth brushing is also important to ward of diseases. Every dog has anal sacs that emit scent. They might get punctured sometimes. You have to get in touch with a veterinary doctor to treat them.

Before you start grooming, make sure that you have the right tools and equipment to do so. Additionally, you should always buy veterinary products that are approved by your doctor.

How Often Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

  • Short-haired Dogs –

    You will be happy to know that short-haired dogs have fewer grooming needs. Moreover, they do not even need haircuts. You should never attempt to cut the hair of such dogs on your own, as it may lead to cuts. However, it does require brushing so that you remove all the dirt, dead skin, and debris that gathers at the skin level. Furthermore, brushing also helps to distribute the skin oils. You can get a curry comb for your pet. They are great for loosening dirt and loose hair. These work great for Labradors, Pit bulls, and German Shepherds.

  • Long-haired Dogs –

    Now, you might ask, how often should you groom them? The answer is plain and simple. They need daily brushing and cleaning. Metal combs and de-matting combs come in handy, for long-haired dogs. So, you should get one of the best ones available in the market. You have to give long-haired dogs a bath every 4 weeks, on average. Additionally, you need to give them a trim every 8-12 weeks. You need to brush twice daily, for the best results. Afghan Hounds, Golden Retrievers, and Collies come under this category.

  • Thick-Undercoat Dogs –

    You must have seen dogs that have a dense undercoat, like Huskies, Shar-Peis, and Akitas. They appear fluffier. You need to give them daily brushing and monthly baths. An undercoat rake works well on such dogs. You should get your dog groomed every 8-12 weeks. It allows the skin to breathe. Half an inch of trim works well for such dogs.

  • Curly-haired Dogs –

    These dogs require maximum grooming. Daily brushing is a must. You should brush their coats two to three times a day. Additionally, you should get your dog professionally groomed every 3-4 weeks to bathe the dog. Moreover, you should get them a cut every month and a half. You should always try to establish a routine while grooming your dog. Terriers and Poodles fall under this category.

  • Wired-haired Dogs –

    These dogs need the least care throughout the year. A weekly brushing may suffice. You can use a slicker brush to brush the coat. However, you need to remove the loose hair manually at times. You can also learn how to groom such digs from a professional groomer. Irish Wolfhounds, Dachshunds, and German Schnauzers have wiry coats.

You will mainly come across these five types of dog coats. So, by now, you must have understood that grooming your dog is essential. You must be an informed pet parent and groom your dog according to its individual needs.

More Important Things to Note

  • You should always ensure to clean your dog’s coat after it has been playing outside or after walks. In warm weather, fleas and ticks seem to be a common problem. Moreover, the dogs often carry such fleas and ticks through their paws when they step outdoors. So, wash the paws immediately.

  • You should also closely monitor dandruff. It is similar to human dandruff and requires frequent inspection.

  • You must always ensure to removes mat, as an overgrowth can easily affect their heart. De-matting is the most uncomfortable part of the job, so you can leave it to the professionals.

  • Using the right set of brushes can make a whole lot of difference. It can also prevent injuries. The various types of brushes that are available in the market are slicker brush, pin brush, de-matting brush, undercoat rake, shedding blade, and bristle brush, to name a few. You will be bewildered to know that there are more specialized ones, too.

  • Your dog’s skin may be sensitive, just like humans. You should always consult a vet before buying shampoos and lotions for your dog’s coat. Moreover, bad products can strip the skin of its natural oils and make the hair dry. Some shampoos can be drying. Such shampoos are good for dogs with silky hair, not all.

  • Do remember that, a healthy diet also contributes to healthy hair, just like us. You should feed your dog with adequate food, according to its age. Additionally, the diet should comprise proteins, vitamins, minerals, and adequate fats. Omega -3 fatty acids are extremely helpful for your dog’s skin and coat.

  • You can also ask your vet to give a supplement that you can give your dog on a daily basis. Horsetail and Spirulina are good supplements, too.

Finally, if you see your dog scratching its coat often, there could be a problem, with its coat. It might have allergies as well. If you love your dog, you should take adequate care of it. Always consult a vet before you use grooming products to maintain safety. A dog is surely a man’s best friend and needs adequate love and attention. You should get the best for the dog, according to its breed and coat type.

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