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Dog grooming directly affects your pets lifespan: Learn How!

When was the last time you fretted over pet hygiene at home? Is their lousy breath bothering you more often than not? If yes, you know your precious home mate needs a complete pet grooming session soon. They will not only be rid of their immediate hygiene problems, but you will see a marked difference in the way they respond to their daily routine.

So why do pet owners and dog groomers give so much emphasis to dog grooming these days?

First, they are pretty serious about keeping their pets clean at all times and invest heavily in pet grooming at home or even taking them to grooming centres near them. Second, they are concerned about their overall health and how it would affect their life expectancy too. Because, after all, good grooming and good health will lead to a great life.

The average lifespan is anywhere between 9 to 14 years, where the latter is a good case scenario. So now, how does dog grooming help to increase the lifespan of your pet?

Personal Hygiene

Good hygiene plays a vital role in your dog’s overall health quotient. Dogs don’t demand much, but they do need their basic hygiene taken care of from time to time. From brushing their teeth regularly to bathing them, it all adds to the kind of insects they attract. Since they are prone to ticks, we must take care of their surroundings, where we take them for a walk and the corners they move around. Ticks suck blood and can give lasting infections, which can result in medication and a lower lifespan. Dog grooming sessions will help maintain their hygiene well.


Physical activities and training are a must to increase the lifespan of your dog. Dog training and dog grooming go hand in hand because if your pet does not have basic hygiene in place, it may hinder their movement. For example, if their nails are not clipped from time to time, they will find it difficult to walk and eventually run. If it’s an Apso breed, they need their hair trimmed regularly to help them see better. A furry dog needs a coating trimming during summer that will allow them to be free while running.


Diet plays a significant role in making your pets more agile, thus, increasing their lifespan. A healthy diet comprises a high intake of protein, vitamins, carbs, and less to no sugar and salt. Dogs adapt well to any food pattern, making it easy to feed them either complete meat-based meals or even vegan meals. Dogs who have a complete homemade diet live far longer than those on processed dog food. How does grooming picture in this? If they have good oral hygiene, they will be able to chew their food better and have stronger gums and teeth in the long run. So, yes, dog grooming and a good diet are a great combination to increase the lifespan.

Dental hygiene 

While we discussed maintaining oral hygiene, we need to pay attention to how often they need a dental check. Dogs on kibble (corn and another filler diet) are often prone to dental problems by three years of age. It results in decreasing their food intake due to poor dentition. Brushing their teeth every day is an excellent way to keep their oral problems at bay. If not, it will lead to periodontal diseases, bloodstream bacteria, etc., reducing their lifespan drastically.

As we come to an end…

Dog grooming is an essential part of your pet’s growing years. It would help if you started as early as six months with brushing and combing to help maintain their fur. You can opt for pet grooming at home or walk into any reputed dog grooming centre to check their full range of services and pick the schedule that suits you the best. Pet owners need to start budgeting grooming into your quarterly expenses to ensure your pet remains healthy, clean, and does not have any trouble in the future.

Happy pet grooming to you!  

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