How Often Do Dogs Require Vaccinations To Be Done?

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Pets, just like kids, require regular vaccinations to be administered to them as part of dog health care routine. Every pet is prone to diseases and ailments, just like humans, that can be controlled or treated with proper vaccinations administered on time.

Vaccinations help the body to fight diseases and build a dogs immune system. Vaccinations contain antigens that appear like disease causing organisms but actually slowly stimulate the dogs immune system.

Animal vaccines help to control diseases, many of which can also affect people. The one disease that tops the list is ‘rabies’. Every dog or pet has to undergo a rigorous vaccination schedule to maintain their health and those around them.

Pet-owners have become more emotional and informed about vaccinations that are required for their pet to ensure that everyone is safe from any untoward incidence.

There are two categories that a veterinarian will break down the vaccination schedule into- Core vaccines and non-core vaccines.

• Core vaccines are ones that have to be administered to your pet despite of their breed or type.
• Non-core vaccines are those that may be given depending on your pets lifestyle such as long hours spent outdoors or staying in a boarding facility, where they come in contact with other pets as well.

As part of a regular dog care routine, dog-owners have to ensure that all vaccines are scheduled as per the directive from the vet.

Many vaccines begin as young as 6-weeks old and can continue until they reach an appropriate age.

As part of dog care services, all vets have a proper chart that is prescribed to the pet-owner to maintain a healthy and fit pet. If you are a serious pet-owner, you will adhere to this schedule to keep your pet and your family healthy and safe.

Rabies: This is a core vaccination and can be given as a single dose. There is no cure for Rabies in dogs yet, and prevention is the only solution. A rabid dog can be dangerous to himself and the people around them, mostly proving to be fatal for the dog.

The dog has to be vaccinated for rabies as early as 12 weeks to 24 weeks and post that every year they need to undergo a rabies vaccination schedule. There is no alternative to this vaccine and it is mandatory to give this to maintain a proper dog health care schedule.

Other important vaccinations: Canines have to undergo each of these vaccinations their first year, post which, depending upon their exposure they may be advised to undergo booster shots-

• Distemper
• Parvovirus
• Canine Hepatitis
• Kennel Cough
• Parainfluenza
• Lyme Disease
• Leptospirosis
• Canine Influenza.

Your vet is the best person to advise you about the frequency of the vaccinations and their duration. The puppy vaccination schedule in their 1st year is usually the same as mentioned above.

As part of their regular dog care services, dogs need to be properly vaccinated at regular intervals to help them deal with any diseases and ailments.

Petsfolio dog grooming services, ensures that all dogs are properly vaccinated from time-to-time to keep them and other kennel mates, safe. This is important because of an increased space time with other breeds of dogs in the same place.

Petsfolio believes in nurturing a positive experience for all dogs, who actually look to be loved and played with. Every dogs’ temperament is quite different and hence it is important to treat them with affection and patience.

Our team of expert trainers and dog caretakers have extensive experience in handling all types of breeds and do not leave any stone unturned to treat with them compassion and care.

If you wish to learn more about dogs vaccinations and general dog healthcare, connect with Petsfolio experts today!

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