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Dog Walking Services

Dog walking is known as the first step to your dogs formula of being happy.We take dogs for a walk for Elimination,Mental stimulation,Exercise and Training.

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Dog Grooming Services

Dog grooming refers to each the hygienical care and improvement of a dog, in addition as a method by that a dog's physical look is increased for showing or alternative sorts of competition.

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Dog Training Services

Our Certified Dog Trainers can assist you with addressing basic behavior problems, obedience or a lot of serious problems.

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Dog Boarding Services

Best dog boarding services at Petsfolio. We are providing day care services with all safe precautions at our Kennel.We offer affordable dog boarding cost and 24/7 service providing at all over India.

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Security & Patrol

At times presence of Dog security is needed to prevent the added curb.Dog security can prove very effective and vigilant as it has an extensive experience within the protection field.

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Dogs For Stud

Stud is the hobby of connoisseurs of blood line and we proved the best as we choose from the best pedigree that is available in the market.

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Auto Food Delivery

Auto-shipping is a service that allows pet owners to set up delivery of their preferred dog food brand on a regular schedule.


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Dogs For Stud

Dog stud service are often used to clearly state the terms and conditions of such breeding.In the dog breeding, a “stud” is a male dog whose owner's agree is suitable to breed with another female dog.

german shepherd
Golden Retriever

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After a great successful work with telangana Govt. We got an opportunity to serve AP Govt. As we already have great experience in proving the puppies which suit for training, we have provided the puppies with good bone structure and size, which are active and intelligent to take the instruction and get trained easily. in providing the best quality pups for the Bomb Squad Dept. All the pups got trained excellent and once of the dog with few months after training helped the dept. to catch hold of group of 4 buglers.


Its an honour to be official vendors of Telangana police. Petsfolio, supplied the proud puppies which been trained under tough circumstances nad been certified for Telangana bomb squads. Intelligence security wing of Telangana Police has trusted us and gave an opportunity to work with government in the process of selecting the qualified puppies which are trainable for Bomb Squad. Selected 70+ puppies been trained under different categories, Which are Sniffing & Tracking, Narcotic detection, Attacking..

WATER campaign

Petsfolio, conduct a regular water supply event for pets in different dogs park. This is really gives great relief to dog owners and remission to Pets which are in need of water. This is one way, where petsfolio team compensated with fulfilment by beating their thirst after their long play. Now they run and play around as far as we are their around to wet their throats

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Affordable Dog Boarding Service While You Are On A Vacation

Looking for a great place to board your pets while you are on a vacation? Petsfolio is your one-stop solution for everything related to dog boarding services. As a leading pet service provider, we take pride in presenting cageless dog boarding facility that ensures that your pet is never made to feel away from home.

Dog boarding is the best choice while you are travelling out of town on a vacation. You need not rely of friends or relatives to take care of your beloved pet, even if it is for a short while. Petsfolio fulfils all boarding and caretaking requirements of your pet with timely feeding schedule, plenty of exercises and great dog experts to look after them.

You search for the best home boarding dog services near me ends right here. With ample space to keep pets engaged, we provide you with affordable packages customized to suit your requirement.

Pick the best dog boarding services for your pet today!

The Best Dog Walking Services At Your Doorstep.

Taking a dog out for a walk can be quite a monotonous job for individuals every day. It is definitely a task by itself and gets to you especially after coming home from work. To relieve you of dog walking woes, you can now hire dog walkers who are professionals in handling dogs and pets of all genres.

They have ample experience in taking dogs out for a walk and building their strength and stamina through effective games and exercises. Your search for the best pet walking services  near me ends with Petsfolio. A team of dog owners and lovers, Petsfolio professionals have the requisite experience in dog walking. Whether it is a morning walk or an evening walk, there is something in store for every pet owner with us.

To make things easier, we provide you with affordable packages that include walking the pet 6 days a week (Morning or Evening), cleaning the dog and brushing the dog.

Get the best dog walking services at your doorstep with Petsfolio today!

Affordable Dog Grooming Packages At Your Own Home

If you are looking for professional dog grooming services at the comfort of your home, you have come to the right place. With the best dog groomers  at your disposal, your beloved pet can receive the right grooming at your doorstep. Petsfolio caters to all requirements pertaining to dog grooming such as dog combing, ears cleaning and nail clipping. We also provide high quality dog shampoo bath that ensures that your pets fur is kept intact even in harsh weather.

We understand the importance of dog grooming under the care of the right dog groomer. Hence, we ensure that all products used for dog grooming are of extremely good quality that will keep your pets healthy and safe.

You can now avail of affordable packages customized to suit your requirements at Petsfolio. Our packages are designed to meet your dogs grooming need on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

For more details regarding the best dog grooming services, connect with our experts at Petsfolio today!

Dog Training- For You and Your Dog At Petsfolio

More and more dog owners are realizing the importance of dog training in today’s changing environment. To cater to your dog training needs, our dog trainers offer dog training, puppy training, obedience and behaviour training to make you and your dogs life easier.

As part of our  dog training services,  we customize affordable packages so that your dogs receive the best training in a conducive environment every day. Our training sessions are carried out by dog experts who understand the temperament of various pets and cater to their individual requirement accordingly.

As your dog training service provider we aim at providing you with quality services that are not too heavy on your pocket and render your dog a hassle-free environment, apt for their growth and development. Your dreams of having that perfectly obedient dog in your home ends with Petsfolio.

Come and help your dog grow into an amicable pet with professional dog grooming services today!

How to select a dog breed

Once you have researched enough information about the breed you’d like, you are ready to start making trips to animal shelters and adoption agencies. Try to visit multiple shelters and agencies to see a large variety of breeds. Let any employee or personnel know if you are looking for a specific breed, or if they have any breed that is similar to the one you are looking for. Ask questions like, Do you need any assistance to select a specific Breed, “How often do you look for new dogs?” or “What is the purpose and which breed you are looking for the same? Also, sometime Before you visit the place you can ask for a picture or video of puppies and mother

Where to get a right Breed?

Once you have researched enough information about the breed you’d like, you are ready to start making trips to animal shelters and adoption agencies. Try to visit multiple shelters and agencies to see a large variety of breeds. Let any employee or personnel know if you are looking for a specific breed, or if they have any breed that is similar to the one you are looking for. Ask questions like, Do you need any assistance to select a specific Breed, “How often do you look for new dogs?” or “What is the purpose and which breed you are looking for the same? Also, sometime Before you visit the place you can ask for a picture or video of puppies and mother

What to accommodate at home?

How to keep you and your pet do happy. It’s part of a new wave of pet add-ons – dog runs, doggie spas, dog bathrooms – that may soon be expected in new condo developments. If pets miss Human touch for days it may die. Even they cannot take food without the Human support. So when you accommodate pet in your home be ready for sacrificing some time for caring them.

Healthcare Acute /chronic /emergency

“Beware of Dogs Board “ you may be put in front of your Home or in the Gate…but it is most important for Dogs to put a thought word in front of the KENNEL to make their master awareness, that is “Beware of fleas and ticks”. It causes a lot of harm for our beloved pets. Puppies love to be petted, but there’s a misunderstood period that often occurs during the teething phase, typically around sixteen and eighteen weeks of age, when many pups opt to nip their humans any time they reach out for a pet or snuggle. This type of reaction can be physically and emotionally painful, because the nippy reaction hurts, plus it seems like the pup no longer enjoys your touch.

Your time with pet – what is Freezing on the Leash?

You might be surprised when your fuzzy tornado suddenly freezes and refuses to move the moment you put the leash on her. This statue-like behavior can be frustrating when you need to walk your pup, but it’s important to think about what’s going on from your puppy’s perspective. The unfamiliar sensation of the collar around her neck and the feeling of being tugged along by the leash probably feel strange, and possibly scary. It’s not a matter of insubordination when your puppy refuses to walk along with you; it’s more a matter of sensory confusion.

Right food means what?

The decision on what to feed our canine children is a complex one. Prioritize nutritional needs of each PET. We all can agree that choosing the right food for Pets can be one of the biggest factors of quality of life we offer them. Splurge for Debunking of BARF [biologically available raw food] One type of food espoused by some well-meaning pet lovers.Most Pet lovers usefully choose commercial dog food by looking at the ingredient written on the packet. Consider food allergy, Recommendations to with the wealth of foods that are available to help many different conditions., Your time with pet Spend time together, Communicate clearly, Put a little love into their food.

Basic training

To teach the stay: Put a leash on your dog and have him sit comfortably next to you.Wave a flat palm toward his muzzle and say “Stay.”Step in front of your dog, wait a few seconds, and then step back beside him.Reward him for not breaking their stay. Train your dog, Remain calm. Learn more about canine behavior, especially body language and facial expressions that indicate stress. Pay attention to your dog’s likes and dislikes. Touch your dog.

What is Dog Socialization-

Socializing your dog/ puppy-The greatest window of learning in a dog’s life starts around 3 weeks of age and closes between 16 and 20 weeks. This period allows puppies to be exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells, and sensations without becoming fearful. Puppies who miss out on these experiences may never learn to be comfortable around unfamiliar things, paving the way for anxiety, fear, and aggression later on in life.


No doubt about it: Animals can make people feel good. And your favorite ones can also help you stay well. You may be surprised at just how many ways a pet can improve your health.Mood Boost The level of cortisol, a stress hormone, lowers. And serotonin, a feel-good chemical your body makes, rises. You still have to watch your weight and exercise. But having a pet can help you manage your blood pressure. Lower Cholesterol.Help Your Heart Overall, pet owners are less likely to die of any cardiac disease, including heart failure. Ease Depression. .Boost Your Fitness If you have a dog, you’re probably more active than someone who doesn’t have one.

When you are out for long.

The Vet’s Office, Pet Sitter at Your Home- vet’s offices also a separate Pet care centers /kennel area where animals can be boarded in comfort. More than just a pet, they are a furry member of the family. That’s why Pet Market made it their mission to assemble a range of astounding value dog supplies and accessories. Even with all, we are more worried when we are forced to put them in some safe place while we need to go for a Distance tour because they need right human touch otherwise they will Die.