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Why Do Dogs Walk The Same Path Every Day?

Dogs are very loyal to their owners and that holds true even while taking particular paths every day to walk. Dog walking

instills a sense of freedom in them but also ensures that they do not wander off too far from their set path.

Dogs are said to have originated from wolves, and much like their behaviour of sticking to their territory, dogs have an instinct to stay as close to their path as possible. As experienced dog walkers, we have often sensed the need of the dog to follow the same path to keep them acquainted with their surroundings. It not only makes them more alert but also brings a sense of freedom while walking and playing.

These gorgeous domesticated furry animals have a certain way of telling us that they enjoy a good walk but on a familiar path. There are several reasons why dogs tend to follow the same path each day while walking. Few of them are-


Dogs have a lot of energy to expend, however, they are sensible to expend it on things that actually require them to do so. Playing the garden or running requires a lot of energy as compared to walking. While walking dogs follow the same scent trail to make sure they do not trailblaze in a completely new direction and conserve their energy more.

Less obstacles

Much like humans, dogs too feel the need to follow a path that has less obstacles or barricades. Unless it is a wild dog or a hunting dog, domestic dogs prefer to follow a smoother trail. As professional dog walkers, we have studied the behaviours of different breeds of dogs who like to either walk in a set path or dig more or even leave trails behind! Each breed has its distinct characteristics, but the most common one is to follow the same path each day.

Emotionally satisfying

Dog walking every day is a very emotionally satisfying experience for your pet. They are born to walk and run, and hence you would notice them being the happiest while getting some form of exercise each day. By indulging in dog walkers, you are not only giving your pet a fixed time every day to build their stamina and break free from the monotony, but also help in creating a more socially acceptable and warm environment around.

Keeping these factors in mind, dogs are prone to follow a set path each day while walking rather than choosing random trails. You may like to experiment with new directions, however, your precious pooch may not completely enjoy it. It is a habit that is hard to break.

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