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What you need to know before getting a protection dog?

Prepare for realities of living with a protection dog.

When people think about buying a security dog, they often think it will be a breeze to keep them at home and take care of them. However, they do tend to forget the small nuances that make these dogs what they are- working dogs.

Security patrol dogs are extremely intelligent canines who are trained to handle precarious situations involving threat and security. They are an owners pride, but only if you know how to handle them well. Working dogs are used to working all the time. They have an even keener sense of attention and do police work or are used for personal protection.

Why get a security dog?

If you are looking for an extra level of security around you, getting a guard dog may be a good idea. They can protect your home, you, and alert you about all sorts of danger. There is a fair amount of training that goes into making a regular dog into a security patrol dog. They have to be trained to follow complex commands and act in times of danger. This is done under the supervision and training of an expert dog trainer who knows the different peculiarities of different breeds.

Personal protection dogs are used mainly to protect a home and are highly unlikely to be used for launching a full-fledged attack on a suspect. They will be able to alert the owner and react appropriately, in case of an intruder alert. These dogs, like all canines, are extremely loyal and will not flinch before helping you to safety. Whether it is your home or your family, protection dogs are a great way to keep you safe every day.

Selecting the breed

It is imperative to select the correct breed. If you take in a pug to help protect your home, you may be in for a surprise. A German Shephard, Doberman or Husky will prove to be an excellent choice for people considering dog security. Although in the Indian context, a German Shephard Dog has proven to be a preferred choice for dog security services.

Training of security dogs

A great security dog requires training from the time he/she hits 6 months of age. They will be fully-equipped to handle complex commands and know the difference between wrong and right early on. Their keen sense of development will help them in sensing fear and danger from the very beginning. Early obedience training is imperative because an owner needs to have control over his dog to ensure that they know who they have to respond to at all times.

Petsfolio dog trainers ensure that the dogs are given a simulated environment to train and develop different skills to ensure that they know how to react in case of an emergency. They also help the dogs to socialize and engage in training in public spaces. They know when to attack and how to attack and how to avert an attack at the same time.

Get trained security patrol dogs to keep your home and your family safe. It is best to learn everything about getting a protection dog right here at Petsfolio, today!

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