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What Happens If You Don’t Take Your Dog For a Walk?

A dog walking in the park, running around wagging their tail and playing fetch is one of the most serene and innocent sights a man can behold. Owning such an active pet, however, has certain responsibilities, one of which is a regular walk. The fun little walk with the little pooches helps in bonding and strengthens its relationship with the owner but also has the added benefits of a better and healthier life. Certain studies have shown a daily pet walking habit may also beneficial for the owner, as it a good source of daily exercise which helps reduce hypertension and stress, lower cholesterol and blood sugar and often act as a therapeutic experience .

Here are a few things which might happen if you don’t take your canine on a stroll


  • They become lethargic

Just like us, dogs need regular exercising to stay healthy and happy. Walking your dog is a good way of exercise for them. If you do not have a backyard attached to your house then it becomes that much more important to take them out for a walk. Just like us dogs need motivation for exercising and going out with a person they adore is all a dog needs. However, busy you are with your life you should make time for a short stroll with your dog.

  • Increase in Aggression

Dogs can get bored very easily by sitting around in the house the whole day. Their boredom doesn’t just result in laziness like us humans but they also get aggressive and irritating, much to our inconvenience. You will find them chewing on random things, digging up holes and putting everything into  disarray. Taking your dog out not only keeps them entertained but they can release some energy during this time.

  • A rise in Anti-Social tendencies

 Taking your dog out for walks lets them get to know other dogs and animals. Just like if a child is isolated from other children he becomes antisocial and awkward around others, dogs get weird and don’t know how to act around other animals when they are confined to their house. This will lead to problems in handling your dog in the future. It helps your dog to become confident in making new friends.

  • Will be resistant to change

Dogs are naturally curious animals who love to explore around. If they are kept inside all the time they can’t go about exploring and even the backyard gets boring after sometime. Walks can let them explore the surroundings and get accustomed to new sounds, smell and people. If you do not take your dog out for a walk they will never get to learn and differentiate between the various smells and they might refuse to visit any new environment.

  • Hamper Mental health

Walking your pet keeps them in a sane mind. If a human sits around doing nothing for too long they become depressed and stressed at very trivial things. Similarly, your dog will get irritated and lag around the house without any proper physical exercise. If they go out for even a short time the hormones released from their brains will keep them happy and excited all day long.

  • Lose essential love, bonding, and training with the owner

Your dog loves to be with you most of the time. So taking your dog out for sometime not only keeps them happy but you also get to bond with them. Just like we hate classes and work, dogs don’t like to be trained all the time. By taking them out for a stroll in the park you can teach them small instructions and give them training playfully thus making the whole process fun. So you get a lot of benefits by taking your dogs out for a small stroll every day.


In today’s busy schedule, sometime walking a dog might seem like a busy chore, so specialized dog walking services are available that can be availed at any time. Professional dog walkers are paid by the pet owners to walk their pets for them. These pet walking services companies not only maintain their regular exercise but also take care of their proper training. The length of a walk might vary according to breed or owners request. Professional dog running is also growing in popularity these days.  .You can track your dog when it is out for a walk according to your convenience. Pet walking helps in maintaining healthy psychological health. To be a professional pet walker, one must have a proper license and experience in basic animal first aid. The breed of dog one owns, as well as its current level of fitness and age, will determine how long and how vigorous your walk should be.


Taking a pet out for a stroll not only has physical benefits, but also psychological benefits for both the owner and the pet. A dog gets stimulated by the different fragrances and sights every time it steps out, it gives the pet a chance to receive positive attention and have interaction with their owner while doing what is natural( walking, running, playing, exploring). After being cooped up indoors, this is the time they can enjoy freely and feel loved. Even their training is regular and well maintained. When one adopts a dog or any pet, they know that it will end with us having to say goodbye yet we do it for a very good reason: They welcome so much joy, optimism, and happiness. They are always there for us.

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