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The 6 Best Dog Training Tips To Help Them Become Obedient

Families with dogs consider them to be part of their life because of their sheer cuteness, loyalty, adorableness, and so on. Dogs have a great affinity to learn things around them and they pick up just about everything you teach them. Quick dog training tips help puppies and dogs become a little more obedient and attentive to commands.

Training needs to begin immediately as the dog enters your home. Dog training techniques are best handled by a professional as they can help your pooch become more familiar with commands and gestures that will help them become better canines.

These top 6 dog training tips will make your dog more responsive and obedient, making life easier for you and them.

Dogs’ name

It is imperative to choose a dogs name wisely and start calling them by their name right from day 1. This will start making them familiar with their name and they will know that they are being addressed every time their name is called out. A short clear name will make training them much easier than long difficult ones. Some popular dog names include Bruno, Brute, Caesar, Tony, Lucy, Mars, etc.

Associate their name with something fun around so that they adapt to it really well.

House rules

The areas where the dog can sit or sleep have to be properly demarcated right at the beginning. You need to be clear about their habits that have to be followed. Telling them repeatedly that this is where they can sit, no sitting on the sofa, no sleeping on the bed, etc. will help them understand things much faster.

Give them a treat or two whenever they follow your commands.


It is important for the dog to understand where they can sit and sleep in the house. Allot or prepare a cosy den for them to relax and sleep. Keeping their water bowl and food bowl by their bed will help them get acquainted with their own space.

It is a valuable tool for dog training that will make them feel comfortable and at ease.

Come when called

You need to gesture the dog to come to you or to sit next to you, etc. when they are addressed by their name. Simple commands like Sit, Come, Go, Sleep, etc. are quite easy to teach and will benefit the dog and you in the long run.

Learn to be very specific while telling your pet to do something, rather than just generalizing it. This will make it easier for them to relate to what you have to say. Telling them a ‘No’ will not fetch you any results, but instead, telling them what you expect them to do in short sentences will help them understand your language and gesture better.


Being consistent with your commands is a very important part of dog obedience training. You have to repeat the same thing exactly the same way in different situations that your dog does. Like when you want him to ‘Sit’ say ‘Sit’ and don’t change it to ‘Come with me’ or ‘Sit here’; this will lead to confusion in their minds.

When you are telling him to jump, call out their name and clearly tell them to jump- ‘Bruno, Jump’; rather than telling them something different every time you address them.

Commands list

Every trainer has a list of basic and advanced dog training commands list that he/she will deploy to teach your pooch the best way to act every day. These may include- Sit, Stand, Roll, Sleep, Eat, Jump, Walk, No Barking, Quiet, Beg, Go Potty, Go Pee, etc. These habits will make them more adaptable to their surroundings and help them become better canines.

Every dog has its own way of expressing their needs and desires. You have to be alert and prepared to understand this before expecting them to learn everything from day 1. Keeping a little patience and perseverance while teaching them everyday commands will help them evolve into a more responsive pet.

Dog obedience training tips from Petsfolio help your pet become a more happy and contended pup/dog, making your life and theirs a little easier.

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