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Professional Dog Walkers to keep your Dog Healthy and Fit

The best professional dog walkers in Mumbai to help ease your woes.

The scope of professional dog walking services is yet to completely capture the Indian market, however, many parts of the world have seen a steady growth in professional dog walkers, who have been rendering their services for a very long time. With experienced dog walkers and trainers, your dog benefits manifold with professional dog walking every day.


There are various service providers and agencies who specialize in professional dog walking services in Mumbai. Petsfolio is one of the leading dog walking agency’s to bring about a change in the way dogs are walked every day. With a highly trained staff of dog lovers, we aim at providing holistic social and physical development to dogs in Mumbai, and other parts of the country.

  1. Walking a dog does not simply mean taking them for a stroll, but ensuring that they get their daily dose of exercise and social interaction with other pets around them.
  2. It makes them more friendly, amicable and socially intelligent beings who are capable of being in any environment in a respected manner.
  3. Regular dog walking services in Mumbai by Petsfolio ensures that your beloved dog or pet is re-enforced with mannerisms, and aim at improving their socialization skills.
  4. It promotes a healthy social environment, a pleasant dog personality, decreases anxiety and stress, and can prevent behavioural problems as well. Utilising services of professional dog walkers in Mumbai can reduce or eliminate these problems thoroughly.
  5. Dog walkers also double as care givers in your absence. Right from taking care of them to walking and exercising them, dog walkers are extremely helpful.
  6. Since we lead stressful lives, concentrating on our dog or pet by catering to their every requirement may not be possible every dog. Dog walking service helps us to reduce this responsibility and avail professional help for the betterment of our dogs.

Petsfolio provides you with the required help you need in taking care of your dogs’ daily schedule and helps them keep fit.

What are the prerequisites that a dog walker needs to have?

  1. A dog walker must understand that various kinds of dogs have different behaviours that are needed to tackle them while taking them out.
  2. They need to ensure that pet owners training specified to them is kept in mind while giving them commands while walking and playing.
  3. This will ensure that your dog is stimulated enough to keep them happy, making it a rewarding experience.
  4. As a professional dog walker, they have to consider the care and treatment of dogs / pets with special needs. This will include dogs with diabetes, epilepsy and other special care cases that may involve providing an injection or support, in case of any episode or breakout.
  5. The dog walkers in Mumbai are professionally trained to handle emergencies that may arise in your absence. By properly instructing them about the dogs situation, you can alert the dog walkers, who can reciprocate appropriately, if the need arises.
  6. Dog walking agency will ensure that the dogs are in safe hands, by providing clients with utmost satisfaction and reliability. This will encourage more pet owners to come forward and avail their services.
  7. Their techniques and methodology enables them to understand the psychology of every dog and help them to become comfortable with the walkers with each passing day.
  8. Dog walkers may not necessarily take the pet out for a stroll, but indulge in training and outdoor games in their familiar surroundings. This will encourage a sustained development of the
  9. There are many activities that dog walkers indulge in such as, playing a game of fetch, jumping the loop, toilet training, and lots of tummy rubs with a brush.

It is imperative to tag your dog properly to ensure that they do not get lost, in case of any emergency. Having them properly vaccinated at all times will ensure your dogs’ safety, as well as the dog walkers safety.

Professional dog walkers in Mumbai ensure that your dog gets the necessary exercise that will benefit them in the long-term, ensuring a healthy pet at affordable costs.

With multiple benefits that are provided by dog walkers, it is an absolute necessity in todays’ time to avail their services to help you achieve a peace of mind. Now, you do not need to worry about taking them out every day; with professional dog walkers in Mumbai, Petsfolio ensures that your little one is taken care of in every way.

Reach out to Petsfolio for more information regarding great dog walking services in Mumbai today!

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