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Oh My Dog Movie Review

This is one of the family dramas released in recent times. Moreover, the story involves the relationship between a boy and his dog. You can see the film on Amazon Prime Video. Read the amazing Oh My Dog Movie review below.
Directed by Sarov Shanmugam, it is a new-age family drama that you will love. It is a very heart-warming movie, which appeals to kids and adults alike. The debutante director introduces Actor Arun Vijay’s son Arnav in this movie. Moreover, you will find the movie to remain etched in the memories of Tamil movie buffs for a long time. Telugu movie watchers can also watch the dubbed version. Movies on dogs in the Tamil film industry are rare. Additionally, the producer Suriya has given the movie a huge presentation in the market. If you are a dog parent, then you will instantly connect with this movie, called Oh My Dog Movie.
Movie Review Rating – 7.3/10

Cast: Afzal, Asha, Aparna, Arnav


The movie revolves around Fernando, a rich dog breeder and a hardcore businessman. Vinay Rai reprises the role with elan and ferocity. He breeds and trains dogs to participate in various races and wins awards for him. He has already won six dog championships. The audience will find him scolding one of his dogs for not churning out more puppies from her womb. The crucial moment in the film, which has all the viewers hooked, is when he finds out that one of the Siberian Husky puppies is blind. So, he will not be able to participate in any competition. Thus, he orders his goons to kill the pup.
However, the puppy Simba has his day, and he manages to escape. Arnav, who reprises the role of Arjun rescues him. He decides to keep Simba against his parent’s wishes. The rest of the movie revolves around, how Simba and Arjun have fun together and manage to punish Fernando.


Anybody who loves dogs will love this film. It is a nice film that you can watch with your family. However, the storyline is nothing new and lacks innovativeness. However, you can have a good time with kids, while munching on some popcorn. The movie industry rarely churns out such movies for children. Set in Ooty, the film highlights how an international breed lands up in a middle-class household. You will also get to learn about the dog breeding industry.
If you are a Tamil movie buff, you will be amazed to find all three generations of the Vijayakumars working in this film. Here we are talking about Vijayakumar himself, who plays the grandfather, then his real-life son Arun Vijay plays his son in the movie. And Arun Vijay’s son Arnav is introduced as Arjun. In the movie, some scenes are heart-wrenching, wherein you will cry a bit out of love. In a few scenes, you will find Arjun trying to raise money for Simba’s surgery. You will find the dog eventually taking part in a coveted competition and winning it too. The main star of this film is no human but the Siberian Husky. Children love dogs and will mostly watch the movie for the dog. The movie definitely gets some inspiration from films like 101 Dalmations. The character Cruella, inspires Fernando’s role. You will find a rising star in Arnav Vijay who plays his role quite naturally.

Vinay Rai, who plays the role of Fernando, does go overboard at times. According to the critics, the emotional bond that is depicted in the movie between Arjun and Simba could have been stronger. The director has taken things a bit lightly, as it is a kid-based movie. And that is where it falters. Moreover, such films tend to be very predictable. So, is this movie. The simple dog-family drama sets off to a good start, but the narration goes haywire in between. There is little to watching the movie more than once. This is as far as the Oh My Dog Movie review goes.

About the Main Protagonist – Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky, Simba, is a lovable dog who manages to win the hearts of the audience. You should know a few details about the dog breed. Furthermore, Siberian Huskies have one of the fluffiest coats ever. It comes with a variety of colourings and markings. The dogs of this breed have blue or multi-coloured eyes, which makes them more endearing. If you have just once glance at the dog, you can relate it to a wolf, almost instantly. You should know about its characteristics. Siberian Huskies are athletic and intelligent dogs, with a character of their own. If you ever plan to get this breed as a pet, ensure to have high fencing around the house.

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working-class dog that emerged in front of the global masses as a sledge-pulling dog. You will find them to be very amicable, too. The dog is garnering a lot of positive reviews lately, owing to such films. Apart from the movie, Oh My Dog Movie, you will find the breed staring in international films of repute. However, its soaring popularity has led to extensive breeding today in India. Huskies are traditionally well-behaved dogs with good personality, and can stay in multi-dog homes as well. However, extensive breeding has led to temperamental issues, as such inexperienced breeders do not know the correct way to breed.
If you are an experienced dog owner, you can get this breed for yourself. It can be stubborn at times, as the dog is extremely confident. Moreover, you must know how to handle its nature. Siberian Huskies are not suited for first-time dog owners. You need to be a bit cautious with Siberian Huskies, due to one of their inherent characteristics. You will find them to be escapists. There are reports of Huskies going missing or escaping from their yards. Many huskies have had accidents and have got grievously injured. Some land up in shelters if they are not able to locate their homes back. So, as a Husky owner, you have to take care of the same.

Training Needs for The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are extremely amicable dogs with a distinct personality of their own. They are intelligent and do have some predatory instincts like wolves. You have to ensure that you portray yourself as the leader of the pack. A husky like strong leadership and will look up to you as an Alpha male if you ensure to behave that way. You have to get Siberian Huskies trained so that they fare well in the family and society.
Crate Training – You must train huskies to remain in their designated area, through crate training. If they know, that they must stick to the area they will be less rebellious. However, you must ensure to showcase the crate as a safe haven for it and not a prison. Initially, you need to constantly monitor him in his crate. This helps to facilitate house training and the dog can adapt in a better manner.
Leash Training – Before you decide to take your new Husky pup for a walk, give him training to walk on leash. Not many will agree with you initially. You should always put the dog on leash as Huskies tend to be escapers. Tugging and pulling at the leash while walking keeps the dog under control. And, with times your dog will associate these actions with an interruption to the walk and will learn to rest or slow down.
Obedience Training – It will be a great idea, to get your puppy some obedience training. Your Husky puppy will learn about socialization with other dogs and some basic commands. It also helps you to develop the Alpha relationship with your puppy. You can also take an older Husky for training sessions.
Only a professional trainer can understand the inherent training needs of the Siberian Husky. It is one of the oldest dogs of the planet. So, these are old souls. You need to incorporate certain factors into the training.
Kindness being the first one. Moreover, you cannot use punishment-based training methodologies for these dogs. Exercise and reward-based programs will benefit your dog. It helps in reducing the aggressiveness in these dogs. If you create fear in the minds of the four-legged friends, they rarely learn anything. Additionally, you have to maintain consistency, while training the Siberian Husky. You cannot change the rules of the game all of a sudden. And, Siberian Huskies just hate that. If you reprise the role of the Alpha, the Husky will be bound to listen to your commands. You can make a Husky obedient and attentive.
Apart from drawing sledges, Huskies can also be a playmate for your child. But that is about it. Furthermore, do not expect a Husky to sniff out explosives or criminals. They will not be able to do that. They do quite well in large farms and mansions. However, with proper training, they will also suit your apartment. You can get one, if the personality of a Husky suits you.
So, if you want your dog to become a hero, just like Simba, you should get it trained from Petsfolio. Your four-legged friend can now become a movie star, with some effort on your part. So, hurry and call Petsfolio now.

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