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Make Travel Easier with Excellent Dog Boarding Services

Leaving your dog alone or in someone’s care does not solve the problem while you are travelling. Connect with Petsfolio to avail excellent dog boarding services for your beloved pet.

Dog boarding take care of –

  • Your dogs schedule while you are gone
  • Feeding and walking
  • Grooming and training
  • Playing games
  • Comfortable kennels to call home
  • Trained dog professionals who are dog owners and know everything about dogs psychology

There is nothing more comforting than to know that your dog is in good hands while you are away travelling. Get the best dog boarding services at Petsfolio and leave your home hassle-free. Your furry little friend just got a great home away from home at his favourite dog boarding service today!

As a pet owner, every time you step out, the one thing that bothers you most is the comfort of your dog. Where to leave them? Will they be comfortable staying elsewhere? Now, get rid of all your doggy boarding woes with Petsfolio dog boarding services. A place where your beloved pooch has the best home, away from home.

Making sure that your god has all the comfort while you are gone, without relying on relatives or friends, is a big relief. With Petsfolio, you can now step out without worrying whether your dog will be fed, exercised or played with while you are gone. Knowing that someone will walk your furry family member while you are away, is the most relaxing thing ever. Entrust your faithful companion to the care of your friendly neighbourhood dog boarding service.

Petsfolio dog boarding services ensure-

Take a tour

As first time boarders, you may always have an anxiety whether the kennels and dog boarding service provided are good or not. We encourage owners to take a tour of the facility with their pets and also leave them for a day at the boarding to get them comfortable with their new environment.

A stressed out dog is not a happy one for sure. It is better to remove all anxiety before leaving them for prolonged periods. Come and have your dog spend a day with us to help him remove all stress and anxiety.

Exceptional kennels

Our modern kennels provide your dog with all comfort that you are looking for. We ensure that the kennels are not overcrowded and hence we ensure that there are only a limited number of dogs taken into our care whenever you step out. Each kennel is devised to meet the comfort and satisfaction that your dog is used to.

If you like, you can also leave their favourite blanket, cuddly toys or chewy bones to help them cope with the anxiety better and feel at home. Although we encourage interaction with every other dog in the kennel, however, it is best to keep them stress-free while you are away.


All meals of your dog are planned in advance and we ensure that they are fed at least thrice a day. If you have a preference of what needs to be fed, you can pack their meals in disposable boxes, with their schedule duly attached.

All our dog meals are prescribed by the vet, ensuring that they receive complete nutrition while you are on a vacation.

Exercise and walks

Dog walking is an important part of a dogs life and there is nothing better than having a professional dog boarding service do it for you! We take care of walking your dog every day to help them socialize better and relieve them of any stress they may feel.

Our expert dog trainers help your dog by playing games that are good for their overall personality development.

Vaccination and Medication

If you have a vaccination due, connect with our in-house vet to administer the same. We urge the owners to give their dogs the necessary precautionary vaccination before interacting with other pets.

If your dog is on a medication schedule, we strongly advise you to let us know the same. We will administer your dog the necessary medicines while you are away. We do charge a nominal amount per dosage administered to your pet. Every detail about your dogs’ boarding is completely taken care of by experts are Petsfolio.


We cater to all dog grooming services in our dog boarding day care centre. This includes- bathing, cleaning the ears and teeth, trimming their nails, cutting their hair and brushing their fur, as needed. If you are worried about hygiene and cleanliness, Petsfolio assures of the finest standards of grooming for your beloved pet.

Whether you travel for a day or a week, you can be rest assured that your dogs personal hygiene is going to be completely taken care of by us.


We encourage socializing and playing with other pets in the kennel at Petsfolio. Our dog trainers understand the psychology of every breed and are exceptionally trained at following the schedules that are required to help them cope while you are gone. Socializing is a skill that dogs develop while interacting with other dogs at our dog boarding service.


This is probably the biggest concern while leaving your dog with someone wh is not really trained at handling dogs. Our facility is equipped with cameras and security staff that will never leave your beloved pooch unattended, ensuring their safety all the time.

You will now be able to travel to your favourite holiday destination, knowing your pet is unlikely to escape into the streets.

Help your dog become independent by leaving him at the hands of trained doggy professionals. Customize your dog boarding service at Petsfolio today!

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