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How To Stop Dog Barking

Are you wondering why does your dog bark incessantly? Learn valuable tips from dog experts to help you ease their woes. Crate, den or home, get your dog to stop barking and whining every time.

Did you know that dogs once burrowed underground to sleep in the wild? Do you know why dogs bark at all? Rather than wondering why dogs cannot stop barking, let us understand why they bark!

  • They believe barking will solve all their problems.
  • They believe that barking will make you release them from their den or crate.
  • They want to get your attention.
  • They want something from you like chew toys, food, or want to go for a walk.
  • They are not comfortable in their den.

Once you know the reasons, it becomes easier to stop dog barking and make their surroundings more amicable and comfortable.

In the event of the persistent dog barking, there are different approaches that you can adapt to possibly stop the barking.

Ignore them

This is one of the approaches that many pet-owners employ to have their dog to stop barking. If you give in while they are barking, chances are they will continue to do so to vie for your attention. If you ignore them for a while, they will understand that their barking is not going to help the situation and they will eventually give up and quieten down.

Keep the dog busy

There are times that dogs get too bored and need to vent themselves by barking dog experts, we suggest you keep your dog busy by applying simple techniques. Give them their favourite chew toy or their favourite dog bone or blanket, etc. to help them relax inside.

You can also take them for a walk outside to ease their boredom. Getting them involved in a physical exercise or indulging them in a game or two will help to stop dog barking. While in a den or a crate, it is advisable to place the chew toys or chew bone away from the door so that they are comfortably seated while playing.


Dogs often feel left out especially if there are people at home and they are locked in one room. It is best to put them in a crate or their portable kennel and keep them in front of your eyes.

When they feel your presence, they are at ease and do not bark. They simply take comfort in the fact that they can see you. This will make them feel less isolated or ignored.

Familiarizing kennels or crates

If your dog is not used to staying in crates, it is best to introduce them to it slowly. The feeling of being locked in one place may not go down well initially.

Once a dog is tired exercising he or she will want to relax in a corner. After a workout, try placing them in the crate to rest or sleep. This will help them to slowly start getting used to the idea of being in a crate. However, if your pet hasn’t been out at all and you place them in a crate, he will resort to barking to get your attention. It is important to gradually get them adjusted to crates rather than making it a sudden change.

If you are looking to stop dog barking employ these different techniques to see a visible change. It is best to consult with dog experts while trying something new. To know more about dog barking tips, connect with Petsfolio on www.petsfolio.com today!

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