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Get the Best Dog Grooming Tips for Summer Here!

Summers can be quite tiresome, for both you and your precious dog. Just the way you need a great summer time regime to keep your body healthy, similarly your little pooch needs a great grooming regime to help them battle the heat.

With summers approaching, it is essential to provide your dog with the necessary grooming that will help him sail through this season, smoothly. Well, dog grooming isn’t only confined to the good looks of the dog, but it also includes keeping an eye on all the body parts of the dogs and take care of some things before they evolve as bigger things and affects our dogs.

Some dog breeds require expert care from the professional grooming services, and if you own such breeds you can get in touch with any company that provides dog grooming services. They need professional care, and you have to provide them with that. There are some other breeds which won’t need a pro.

Appropriate Tools

The dog’s best friend is the tool which is appropriate for his coat type. The tool that is capable of stripping out the loose hair so that his skin gets some air is enough to take care of the dog’s hair. Regularly brushing your dogs will prevent mats which are very painful for the dogs.

These mats trap both heat and cold which can lead to some serious skin infections. It is essential to get professional dog grooming services to take care of the dog in such situations. If you find any mats on your dogs, it will be better if you visit the companies offering such services.

Say No to Shaving

The experts tell us to resist the urge of shaving the dogs under any circumstances and the dogs that have double coats shouldn’t be shaved at all. The dogs will be comfortable as long as their hair is taken care off. Irrespective of its length and composition the dog’s coat provides ultimate protection for dogs from so many issues such as twigs, sunburns, stickers, etc.


Summer is that time of a year where you have to be vigilant about the ticks and fleas. The ticks can carry diseases whereas the fleas are capable of setting up housekeeping on your dogs in your very own house. Irrespective of your dog’s opinion, you have to add an extra bath in summer. Brush your dog both before and after the bath. The most important one is to use the shampoo that suits his coat type and skin.

If your dog is a swimmer, then check his ears thoroughly. The dogs that fold their ears are highly prone to infections. Some of the groomers pluck the hair present in their ears but vets advice not to do it as this hair pores secret extra serum which can cause another infection.

After your dog is done with its dip, clean the earflap in and out gently. If your doctor agrees, include a drying agent, or you can use the vinegar to prevent the swimmer’s ears. You can consult any dog grooming services to get this done.


Do not forget to brush your dog’s pearly whites and check his paws from time to time. Check between his toes for any infections and trim his nails.

None of this grooming is rocket science, you just need to be careful and thorough.. The results are worthy of your struggle. The dog feels and smells great.

If you are in Hyderabad and want a professional service, Petsfolio is your one-stop solution for every grooming requirement. To know more about a healthy grooming regime, visit our groomer extraordinaire and indulge in great services and affordable packages at one of the best dog grooming services in Hyderabad.

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