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Dog Walking Safety Tips

Dog safety made easy with five simple steps

Like many dog lovers, you are probably always wondering and worried about your dogs’ safety. With multiple mishaps taking place every year, there is bound to be a huge concern revolving around your precious pets safety while walking. As part of your dogs’ daily routine, walking and exercising is probably one of the most common features. Now, leave all your dog walking woes to us! Petsfolio presents excellent dog walking services in Mumbai to help you beat the stress and help your pet lead a healthy life.

We understand that walking a dog can be quite a strenuous task. Not every pet behaves in the same pattern and their changing mood can be quite a challenge at times. As much as your wish to make it a pleasant experience for you and your dog, dog walking is not always as easy as walking on grass. There are multiple hazards that may arise while taking your dog out for a walk, and below are some of the most common ones highlighted.

Dogs pulling the leash

The most common problem that dogs have is tugging or pulling of the leash. They tend to get excited while taking a walk, which makes them tug or pull the leash even more. Petsfolio Dog walkers in Mumbai help you with your walking woes by training the dog to hold the leash and not tug on it.

Pulling the leash can pose to be a big challenge for the walker as well as the dog. It can lead to injuries to the dog and the owner. The most common scenario in which the dog may pull the leash is when they desperately want something, or want to go somewhere, or when they see a cat or another dog, or another animal on the street. How do you handle a situation like this?

Firstly, you can lead the dog by gaining more control over his walk by using a regular leash, which can be controlled by you. Offering them treats along the way works wonders.

Secondly, training the dog with proper commands at home and on the field. There are different ways to entice the dog to listen to you and one of them is by offering yummy treats. Ensure that your dog begins to look you straight in the eye and listen to your command every time you call him. This takes weeks of practice to get your dog and you on the same page. You need to ensure that he gets less distracted by other factors and concentrates only on your voice or face.

Lastly, dog behaviour is quite unpredictable, hence it is best to steer clear from houses that have angry barking dogs who are known to charge at all people who pass by. Cross the road if you see a problem lurching in the horizon.

Other Off-leash dogs

Off-leash dogs are often trained hard to make them understand their owners command and voice. There may be other dogs who are not on the leash while taking a walk. Carrying a non-toxic and dog friendly chamomile spray may also come in handy in situations where you see a fight breaking out.

Multiple dog walking

Although Petsfolio pet walking services in Mumbai is equipped in handling different breeds of dogs, however, behaviours are quite unpredictable and can lead to a dog fight. We ensure that only breeds that get along with each other are walked together, ensuring that your beloved dog is safe from any external dog danger.

If dogs do not get along with each other, the safest option we have is to walk the dog separately so that none of them interfere in their routine.

If you are looking for the option, ‘dog walkers near me’, you have arrived at the right place! Petsfolio provides you with safe dog walking options that aim at holistic development of your dog.

Retractable leash

This is probably one of the most unsafe options for dogs who tend to run fast, bark too much or snap. We have no control on retractable leash and prefer walking dogs with a leash that is around 4 to 6 feet long.

As experienced dog walkers in Mumbai, we know the way around different walking circuits and understand the challenges that may come around with retractable leash.

There are different ways to hold the leash that will ensure your dogs’ safety.

  • Wrapping the leash around your thumb.
  • Closing your fingers over the leash, in a fist.
  • Keeping or wrapping your hand waist high gives you better control.
  • Using both hands to hold the leash.
  • Maintaining a loose leash in a J form to ease the walking experience for you and your beloved dog.
  • Hold your dog when they rush onto someone or something by gently sliding your hand with the leash towards your navel. This will help you gain some footing.

Eating off the ground

Many dogs are seen continuously nibbling something like grass or flowers, etc. off the ground. Mostly dogs indulge in this to ease their aching tummies or the feeling of vomiting; however, there may be certain things that be harmful and toxic in nature to your dog.

Putting on a dog muzzle will help them to avoid getting tempted to eat unnecessary things. However, it is best to carry treats to keep them distracted and happy while walking. Dog walking services in Mumbai by Petsfolio keep all these little things handy and ensure that your dog does not eat anything that is not required.

With a team of expert dog trainers and dog lovers, Petsfolio provides you with professional dog walkers in Mumbai who will keep your dogs safe, ensure their health and overall social development.

Connect with Petsfolio for pet walking services in Mumbai today!

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