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Best Friend or Best Pet Companion Forever. What Will You Choose?

So, if you are wondering whether you should have a best friend for life or keep a pet animal, you are on the right page. Having friends from your own species is something that has no replacement. You can talk to that person, laugh with that person, and also share your miseries. However, sometimes the relationship can be very superficial. So, you will not be able to make out if it is real or just for show. Additionally, you cannot choose your relatives. However, you can choose like-minded friends.

Before you decide on the better ones you ought to know the benefits of each one.

Reasons Why You Should Have Best Friends

You should have best friends so that you can enrich each other’s lives. Good friends teach you about your own good side and bad side. They also tend to challenge you to do better. You can keep going when times are bad. Having a close circle of friends helps you to be physically active. You can get rid of problems, like heart ailment, diabetes, and stroke. If you have strong relationships, you tend to be happier. Happiness increases longevity. Friends also encourage healthy behaviors.

You can emulate the good behaviors in your friends and get rid of the bad ones. Your friends may also inspire you to take part in activities that are good for your well-being. They can motivate you. You also tend to get a lot of emotional support from your friends. You can also give a boost to your self-esteem. So, if you have decided to go with a best friend or friends, wait! You should consider several other things before making the decision.

Is A Pet Companion Better?

Although friends from your own species are a support system, you cannot deny it. Sometimes, things can turn against you. In such cases, you may feel left out or lonely. Many people find solace in pets at such times. Moreover, everyone is not lucky to have good friends. The quality of friends is also more important than the number of friendships.

The rise of mental disorders has prompted many to think, about why people have sufferings. There may be different clinical reasons, why people suffer from mental ailments like depression. However, science and psychology has shown new path-breaking results today. Animal companions have been known to alleviate such depressive symptoms to a huge extent. Dogs are man’s best friends. This is true to a huge extent. They can help alleviate your stress, pain, heartbreak, and other issues. You will be amazed to see how service dogs can help patients and the disabled. However, there are a few other animals as well. Some people choose cats, some rabbits, and some birds. The choice of pets is quite varied. You have to think about space constraints before you decide upon one.

When it comes to choosing pets, dogs are the top choice. They seem to be more family-oriented and homely. They can help you to improve your social connections in many ways. Cats are not that uncommon either. However, you can barely restrain them. There are various types of cats, Sphynx, Afghan Cat, Housecat, Persian Cat, and so on. They can also reduce your loneliness and depression. Birds are quite refreshing as a friend or companions. They are colorful, and can affect your mood with their sweet voice, too.

Dogs as the Best Pet Companion

Today, dogs are the most common pets. There are many reasons behind this. They can share our lives and also communicate with us better, in most respects. Dogs are very friendly creatures. Moreover, they love human companionship. So, that makes them a common pet. Your dog will wait for you at the door when you return after a long day at work. They will wag their tails until you take them in your arms and pat their back. You should also know a little bit about the dog psychology, before zeroing in on one. They are pack animals. So, they have a huge sense of belonging and companionship. You will often find them in the wild, taking on the form of an alpha male in the pack. The same thing happens at home. However, you are the alpha leader here.

You should choose a dog as a pet for more reasons, than you knew so far. You will be able to improve your physical health, if you have them as pets. A dog companion will coax you to get out of bed early and take you for long walks. Cats are more independent in this respect and go about on their own. You can play various games with dogs in the open. The fresh air will give a boost to your health and so will all the running and fetching. Dogs can also be very calm and cuddly. So, you can feel a sense of relaxation the moment you hold them.

You can also get your dogs trained, as they accept training better than other animals. Some of the most important trainings for dogs include behavioural training, obedience training, agility training, and potty training. Your dog will become as well-cultured as you, with all these training modalities. A dog is a social animal and will help you nurture your social relationships. When you go out for a walk or run with your dog at the local park, you are more likely to make more friends. Dogs can share not only all the outdoor activities but indoor activities as well.

You should consider a dog as your pet companion for more reasons. They can travel with you. Additionally, many pet-friendly hotels and resorts have come up which allow pet dogs inside. You will also come across cafes that allow pet dogs. A dog can and will participate in most of your activities and endeavours. So, that is another plus point. They are non-judgemental as well. So, you can be as you are, without any need to change. They will love you for your originality. And they expect only one thing in return, and that is unconditional love.

Dogs Come In All Sizes

You can find various breeds to suit you. There are toy breeds, sports breeds, hounds, and so on. Moreover, there is one for apartments and one for mansions, as well. You can adopt that perfect dog for yourself or for the whole family. If you have children at home, you can get a family dog such as a Golden Retriever, or a Labrador. Small dogs like Pomeranians and Pugs also make great pets. They love to spend time on your lap. That helps to build an instant connection.

The only problem with dogs is that they do not live long enough, like us. However, they more than compensate for that, in their short lives. You can have the best time of your life, with your dog. Other pet companions like cats, birds, rabbits, and hamsters are also coming into the picture. The person’s taste is also important, in choosing a pet. You may be more comfortable with a zero-maintenance pet than another. Dogs do require some care in terms of grooming and healthcare needs. So, if you are ready to commit yourself to this relationship, you are good to go.

Thus, you can say that a pet companion forever may give you more happiness, in the true sense of the word. Even after the pet is gone, you can relive the days spent by reminiscing about all the happy times together.

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