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Our Dedicated Team

Meet the most pawsitive team who believes the furry little creatures to be man's best friend and they are dedicating their day and night in the well being and upbringing of millions of these innocent beings.

Meet Our Team

Shiva Kumar Pabboju
Chief Executive Officer

He has been CEO of Petsfolio since 2019, leading the evolution from a startup a true pet care company, making Petsfolio the Telangana’s largest provider of pet care services and doubling the size of the business.

Sravanthi Pabboju
Chief Operating Officer

Sravanthi is the COO at Petsfolio, where she is responsible for the company's day to day operations including strategy planning, internal policies, and optimizing execution and delivery across engineering, people operations and customer support.

Ugendra L
Chief Human Resource Officer

Ugendra’s responsibility as a CHRO is to design and carry out a talent strategy that encompasses recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining employees. His strategic planning process includes developing a positive work environment.

Amal Jose
Chief Business Development Officer

Amal is responsible for creating, communicating, maintaining, and aligning the company's business expansion strategy for long-term, profitable growth by leading the team of business and marketing managers.

Nagaraj Aeshaboina
Chief Administrative Officer

Nagaraj is the CAO at Petsfolio, where he is responsible for driving successful backend administration. He implements innovative strategies which focus on result-driven approaches.

Neeraj Kumar
Financial Advisor

Since joining Petsfolio in May 2020, Neeraj has been an integral part of the advisory team and has been involved in establishing the financial disciplines and internal controls of the company.

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