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written by Petsfolio on Feb 26, 2022

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Should I Feed My Dog Before or After a Walk?

Dog walking is an imperative part of a dogs’ routine and life. Taking a dog out for a walk every day makes them become acquainted with the outside world and feel more liberated. It not only acts as a great mood booster but also helps the dogs hone their social skills.

A cooped up dog is far more dangerous than one who socialises and goes out for a walk, daily. Every dog parent has a constant question or worries about their dogs walking schedule. Most people live in nuclear set-ups or are working, giving them less time to spend with their dog, let alone take them down for a walk. Right from handling their meal times to taking them to relieve themselves, it is pertinent today to employ dog walking, Mumbai and other cities to give your pets that quality time they require.

Besides walking every day, it is also necessary to give your dog adequate nutrition to meet their daily calorie requirement and energy. This will help them gain good weight and also make them active. A full stomach is less likely to be moody than one that is constantly craving for food.

The question that arises now is- whether you should feed a dog before or after a walk?

A question that has perplexed many owners is the best time to feed a dog. As a leading dog walking service in Bangalore, we advise you to follow a routine that is best suited for your dog, but with a few tips.

Walking after a meal

If you have a busy schedule and the only time you get is taking a stroll or run after a meal, then probably you would want to feed your dog accordingly. The quantity and regularity of a walk depending on the type or breed of dog that you own.

A large dog has a bigger appetite and will probably run after a meal to defecate or urinate, this being your main aim. But it is important to remember that they may end up getting a twisted stomach.

After a heavy meal, a dog feels quite refreshed and may have the energy to spend on running, playing or walking. However, it is imperative to know that they have delicate stomachs, making them prone to tummy twisting. This syndrome affects the dog’s digestive system and its circulation, making them very uneasy.

Typical symptoms to diagnose stomach twists-

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Unusual burping
  • Restlessness and whining
  • Vomiting with a frothy saliva
  • Swollen or hard stomach.

It is advisable to get it treated at the earliest or it may prove to be quite strenuous for both of you.

Walking before a meal

Dog walking before a meal helps build up an ideal appetite and is usually the best time to feed a dog. It goes to say that it is most advisable to feed your dog after a walk.

A large dog requires a substantial amount of exercise as compared to a small dog. With all their energy spent in walking or running and playing, feeding them after a walk helps them to replenish their lost energy.

Help them calm down before serving a meal to avoid eating too fast. Keeping them well-hydrated is also quite important.

Building a dog walking routine is important for them to understand their set pattern during the day. Hiring a dog walkers will help you get your pet to have their daily dose of physical activity.

Dog walking services and other cities has become quite popular amongst dog-owners as they tend to give their pets a healthy life. Taking them for a walk yourself will also help you bond well with your pooch and make them more affectionate towards you and other members of the house.

As your preferred dog walking, we have believed in walking your dog as per their and your convenience. This helps you to follow a routine and gives your dog the space that they require.

Invest in your dog’s health and take them out walking every day!

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