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We train your pets to protect you

Our dog protection service makes your dog courageous and awakens the beast resting within your canine companion. Depicting strong and bold personalities, these dogs safeguards you and your family from all dangers.

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    Your best companion can be your best protector

    With elevating criminal activity by the every passing day, having a macho dog at your disposal can be a great advantage. At Petsfolio, we keep a close watch on your dog's behavior and initiate training to develop dog protective skills. Our best in class professional dog trainers ensure that your dog is trained to the highest standards. A properly trained guard dog deters unlawful entry to properties and offers necessary protection in dangerous situations. These dogs are loyal, robust, fearless, and watchful, highly vigilant, always ready to neutralize any threat.

    Pet will be trained on this

    • dog

      Dog in a healing position comes in handy when approaching tactically sensitive situations.

    • dog
      Relaxed Heel

      Keeps your dog walking within a few feet from your body without a leash

    • dog
      Down In Motion

      Your dog learns to remain in off mode unless further command to turn on

    • dog

      Train your dog to settle down at a specific place until further instruction.

    • dog
      Food/Toy Refusal

      Trains dogs to refuse food from strangers and are unlikely to be poisoned by thieves or malicious neighbors

    • dog
      Turn On Aggressively

      Upon instruction, the dog fends off an attacker and enters a state of heightened alertness

    • dog
      Turn off

      Your dog learns to remain in off mode unless further command to turn on

    • dog
      Target Part Of Body

      Teaches dog to touch different parts of a body as per the command

    • dog
      Overcome obstacles

      Well trained to overcome obstacles such as walls, hills, rocks and furniture, and find the best path forward.

    • dog
      Fighting Skills

      Advanced fighting skills leverage the highest calibre of the dog

    • dog
      Turn Off Massive Threat

      Ward off massive threats to homes or properties as they bite and defend against intruders

    • dog
      360 Secure

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    • dog
      Guarding Escape

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    • dog
      Stealth Mode

      Switches your dog into a silent heightened preparedness and keeps it ready for anything

    • dog
      Multiple Attackers

      Can direct your dog to most prominent threat when faced with multiple attackers

    • dog

      Trains dog on patience, focus and impulse control and is tolerant to stressful situations

    • dog
      Climb Up

      Helps understand how stairs work, builds confidence, enabling the dog to climb on their own

    • dog
      Lie Down

      This command encourages calm behavior and prevents unwanted behaviors

    • dog

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    • dog

      Ensures dog detects, recognises and follows a specific scent, tracing the source of specific odors.

    • dog

      Helps direct your protection dog to watch over a specific area or object in your absence

    • dog
      Attack & Reverse

      Attack command helps overpower criminals; reverse helps dogs reverse their negative association with a cue.

    • dog

      Gets your dog to crawl, accounting for a great physical and mental workout

    • dog
      Hold & Drop

      Teaches dogs to hold on to something and drop it upon command

    Why do you need a security or Protection dog?

    A perfectly trained protection dog offers an additional layer of protection to self, family, businesses and properties.

    For whom isolated homes

    Security dogs prevent squatters from entering vacant properties and reduce the need for guards.

    For whom who stay alone

    Safeguard those staying alone from intrusions which are safe targets for intruders

    For Handicap & Old Citizens

    Trained to offer necessary assistance to disable handler or old citizens with limited mobility

    For Kids & Womens

    Great and gentle with kids and makes a fantastic choice for women looking for a canine companion

    For every who seeks protection

    Smart, courageous and loyal and offer the best security system all around

    Where does Security/Protection dogs requires

    Shopping Malls

    Dogs put their keen sense of smell to test to detect explosives and firearms.


    Helps with security checks at the hotel entrances and conduct room searches when required.

    MNC Companies

    Ensures that the premises of large institutions/companies are safely under control round the clock


    Offers surveillance and crowd control so that visitors feel safe and secure

    Events & Function

    Trained dogs placed at the entrance of the events makes attendees feel secure when alone.

    Gated Community

    Superior sensing abilities of these dogs identify perpetrators and detects distress

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the role of a protective dog?

    A guard or protective dog is trained to watch the properties closely, preventing unwanted intrusion of humans or animal intruders.

    Will the trained protection dog bond with me right away?

    During delivery, we will show how to handle and work with the doggy. Start fulfilling the dog's basic needs and play with him; he will start to associate with you as a caretaker.

    How much time does it take to train a dog?

    The duration of dog protection training varies depending on the dog and the level of training. They are exposed to various sounds environments and may take months of training.

    How can I maintain dog training at home?

    During delivery, we will show you how to work with your new dog. Our trainers let you know all the training techniques so that you can keep your dog trained at home.

    Are protection dogs aggressive?

    No, they are not aggressive and naturally social like other dogs. Protection dogs are taught obedience control during training and only react upon owners' commands.

    How will a trained protection dog behave with kids and other pets in my home?

    Our protection dogs are trained with other dogs and known to be tolerant and loving. They behave normally with everyone in your household.

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