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written by Petsfolio on Mar 05, 2022

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Journey Of A Great Heroic Dog – Shadow

Journey Of a Great Heroic Dog

“RIP” “Shadow”
It was an emotional day for the members of Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh Police Force,when they bid farewell to sniffer dog Shadow who died on Saturday due to illness.

The canine actively participated in the historic Prakasam Police SWAT Team.
Shadow also performed a demonstration on salute, obedience, explosives search, tracking, landmine detection, identifying criminals besides other feats.

Shadow, a tracker belonging to Belgian Malinois breed, had helped the state police team to solve many cases in Prakasam.
Particpated in more then 12+ cases(Theft,Murder Etc..) This Belgium Malinois canine was given a gold medal in the event of passing out parade on 14 May 2019 at the APSP 6th Battalion, Mangalagiri.
Petsfolio is very honor to introduce such a great dog to AP Police Department our deep regrets on his loss.

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