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Why Do Dogs Require Effective Potty Training?

Potty training is a very important aspect of a dogs grooming schedule. Not only does it help the dog maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also helps in keeping the home and yard clean.

Puppies can be taught to follow cues and signals when they want to relieve themselves. Potty training is not a straightforward process at all, however, with a little patience they can be taught the art of signalling you about their urgency to go pee or poo.

Petsfolio caters to an extensive routine that will help pets get acquainted to follow a set pattern of performing their chores every day. This includes following commands, potty training, walking off-lead, etc.

Potty training is an important aspect of a dogs life. Proper training will ensure that you and your precious pooch bond really well. Don’t expect your puppy to learn to pee and poo by himself. They are curious little creatures and want to explore their surroundings to the fullest to get well-acquainted with it. They need to be shown the right ways to poo and pee to make sure that your home and yard is clean from their mess.

Although they are very particular about keeping their den clean, it is a good idea to hire  professional dog training services to help you with this transitional phase.

It is easier to train puppies than it is to train fully grown dogs, it is the same with humans as well, right? It is easy to develop and direct a new habit than to fend off old ones. Similarly, good potty training requires a lot of positive reinforcement from the dog-owners so that dogs’ can easily adapt to their new found schedule.

Allot a place

Right from the beginning, it is best to take the puppy to an allotted place to go their pee or poo. It will help him develop a sense of direction in case he wants to answer nature’s call! Dog potty training requires a lot of effort and persistence in order to help them recognize their allotted spot.

This place can be within the boundaries of your home, like a spare bathroom or a balcony corner or a potty/peeing crate. It is best to direct the dog to their allotted corner every once in a while to make sure he starts familiarization with it.


Use a leash when you are going to walk your puppy outside while introducing potty training to him. He needs to learn the importance of being walked and shown the places where he can relieve himself. If he is left to explore on his own, there are chances that he may not really pee or poo, but instead run around aimlessly chasing a bird or two.


It is important to praise the dog or puppy whenever he finishes doing his big job. Positive reinforcement is the key to helping your dog to lead a happy and contended life. They are quick learners and will pick up potty training techniques within a span of 2 to 4 weeks.

Giving them a treat or talking to them with love, etc. will help them learn things faster.


Dog potty training needs to be timed really well in order to make it successful. You have to keep a track of the time that the dog usually wants to pee or poo. If you follow the same time schedule, he/she will learn to do their pee/pee at that time only. If you miss the time schedule, there may be chances that he/she will end up peeing or doing potty anywhere.

A simple schedule could be- take the dog out once he/she wakes up, when he/she finishes their meals, after their noon nap, while walking every day, etc.

Keep a track of other related factors such as circling around too much, sniffing a particular spot, suddenly stopping while playing, going towards the door, barking, etc. These are good signs to pick up whether the dog wants to go out for a pee or poo break.

Every dog will make mistakes while undergoing potty training, however, with time and patience, they will learn the art of telling you with their signs.

Dog training techniques by Petsfolio help dog-owners to make them understand their pets a little better. Right from following commands like Go Potty, Go Pee, Stop, Go potty outside, no potty inside, and so on, potty training is a little less stressful.

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