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Why are Companion Pets Beneficial During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has taken a mental and physical toll on every individual globally. There isn’t a person who has not been affected by the scale of this shape-shifting virus. And it continues to wreak havoc in India and many other parts of the world.

To battle the ongoing virus and reduce its impact on our emotional wellbeing, many individuals have chosen to adopt pets such as dogs or cats to become pet parents. As the virus wears on, it has become increasingly clear that pets have helped endure the challenges of the pandemic.

According to an article published in the Times of India, there has been an increase in pet adoptions since August 2020.

The stories of pets rescued from the shelters and roads, and new ones adopted have changed the way we look at pet companions at home. Adjectives run dry when we start to define the importance of a pet in a person’s life.

The top 4 reasons why pets have become ardent companions amid the pandemic –

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

We all have felt the effects of anxiety and panic during the pandemic, and it continues to haunt many to date. Pets bring a sense of emotional security and add cheerfulness to homes that are indescribable. They are full of love and loyalty and have absolutely nothing but their affection to offer.

Many pet parents have attributed their bond with pets as a coping mechanism to vulnerability, anxiety, depression, and isolation. Having a pet around has increased the general positivity of homes, resulting in many individuals’ mental and emotional wellbeing globally.

Although pets cannot replace human interactions, they help form a solid bridge to fill the gap that we experience.

Source of Distraction

Pandemic pets have helped create a distraction from various negative emotions that we experience. Today life is anything but ordinary. There are times when we feel down or don’t know what is happening around us, making us feel helpless.

Pets have provided a source of distraction during such emotional upheavals. Their sense of companionship and connectedness have provided a distraction to distress, brought unexpected motivation, and helped in entertaining entire households.

Caring for pets, taking them out for a walk, concentrating on their daily habits, petting them, and much more have helped create a distraction from negative emotions.

Dogs have a sixth sense and can immediately sense negativity, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. Their love and affection have helped to overcome these emotions during the pandemic and continue doing so even today.

No Expectations

Although we emphasize that pets have no expectations; however, in reality, the only expectation they have is ‘Love’. Indulging in dog walking regularly or grooming your felines daily can go a long way in establishing a powerful bond with them.

Their unwavering belief in their owners makes them more affectionate and helps them help you better. Research conducted by the University of York found that of nearly 6000+ people researched, 90% of pet owners said that their pet helped them cope with emotions better without expecting anything in return.

Their sheer presence with those droopy and loving eyes was enough to help people wade through challenging waters.

A helping paw

Canines have come to the rescue of many elderly and differently-abled people around the world.

In July 2020, a San Diego based Pet startup, ‘Pet Prescription’, were able to provide happiness to the residents of Heritage Court Assisted Living Center by bringing therapy dogs outside the building and holding them up at the windows. The residents were not allowed to pet the dogs, but the sheer joy of seeing the elderly feeling overwhelmed was enough to know that these adorable pooches were dearly missed by all of them.

It just went to say, whether you are having a good day or a bad day, one look at a dog, and you feel good inside.


The cheery nature of canines and the elegance of the felines have been a blessing in disguise to many pet owners during the pandemic.

From gorgeous Husky’s to fidgety Labradors, furry Pomeranians to lively Shih Tzus, sturdy German Shephard to the lazy Pugs, furry Siamese cats to snowy Persian cats; every canine and the feline breed has something unique to offer.

But the one that remains above all is their undying love and emotional bond. Hence, it goes without saying, companion pets have proven highly beneficial during this pandemic.

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