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Petsfolio- Your Best Dog Grooming Service Provider in Mumbai!

Groom your Pet to perfection with Petsfolio Dog Grooming Service today!

When we think about grooming the first thing that pops into our mind is brushing our hair, straightening our face and trimming our nails. As much as this logic applies to humans, it also applies to your beloved loyal member of the house- your dog! Dogs require regular grooming to keep them away from all kinds of health problems. Dog grooming services in Mumbai brought to you by Petsfolio does just that for you, and much more.

Dog groomers in Mumbai have, over a period of time, helped owners realized the importance of keeping a pet healthy and tick-free. There are specialized courses that dog trainers and dog lovers undertake to properly groom their beloved pet. Pet grooming in Mumbai has been transformed because of the continuous efforts by Petsfolio pet services.

Dogs are prone to many diseases that may go unnoticed if their personal hygiene is not kept in mind. They may attract bugs and ticks, ear infections, bladder infections, tummy infections, eye ailments and much more. Hence it is imperative that all pet / dog owners pay special attention to dog grooming.

Dog grooming services in Mumbai, provided by Petsfolio, take care of every aspect related to a dog’s life and hygiene. We help in providing-


Where the dogs are bathed every time? Is the place clean? Is it tick-free? There are the questions that may arise in your mind every time you think about dog grooming services. Petsfolio has a stringent cleaning and hygiene policy.

There are specific paraben free and non-toxic dog shampoos that are used to protect their precious coat.

Trimming and cutting

It is essential to keep your dog clean and well-groomed all the time. Pet grooming services in Mumbai, provided by Petsfolio, takes care of every detail of your beloved pet. We undertake hair cutting and trimming so that your pet does not shed too much hair during shedding season.

Regular cuts and trims keeps the pets healthy and ensures that they have a great fur all the time.

Brushing of teeth

As established pet groomers in Mumbai, Petsfolio ensures that they provide your pet with basic oral hygiene i.e. brushing of teeth. It is important to keep their teeth brushed in order to avoid foul breath.

Hair brush

Your precious dog’s fur coat can be maintained well, if it is well combed every day. You can choose to do it yourself, or take assistance from someone else. Hair brush ensures that the dog does not shed excessively during shedding season.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your dogs ear can be quite tricky, and hence it is absolutely essential that you get the work done by a professional dog groomer, like Petsfolio in Mumbai. Keeping their ears cleaned all the time is essential so that they do not develop any infection later. Doing it right is very important else you may end up causing your pet a great deal of agony.

We help you to keep your dogs ears clean, as part of our grooming service in Mumbai, and ensure that you have a healthy pet.

Nail Clipping

Dogs nails can be extremely dangerous, especially if they are not taken care of. Regular trimming and cutting of nails helps your dogs to not get hurt nor hurt anyone else. Pet grooming service provided by Petsfolio caters to nail clipping service to ensure that your dogs nails are in perfect tandem every time.

This will keep them hygienic, clean and always avoid scratching their delicate parts such as ears or eyes because of clipped nails.

With such an extensive list, Petsfolio offers the most professional dog grooming service in Mumbai. We encourage you to visit the grooming centre and take a tour of the facility to ensure that everything is as per your level of satisfaction. You can also visit out website www.petsfolio.com to understand more about the range of services being offered.

Give your dog the best grooming he / she deserves, at Petsfolio!

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