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Know your Dog Boarding Service Better!

Dog is a man’s best friend and the most loyal companion you can have. All dog owners will agree to this statement blindly. However, there comes big responsibility while caring for a pet as well. You have to ensure that every comfort of the pet / dog is taken care of. Right from the correct food to vaccination schedules as well as grooming and dog boarding services, if you travel outside.

Choosing the correct dog boarding service for your beloved pet is quite a cumbersome task. You would try to find good ‘dog boarding services near me’ by searching online or by asking other pet owners who have previously utilized such services. There are a few things that you need to bear in mind before finalized boarding arrangements for your pet.


You have to ensure that you pet is properly vaccinated and his / her schedule is up to date. With multiple pets sharing the same space, you need to ensure that your dog does not catch any infections. You have to give your dogs vaccinations or boosters a week prior to leaving them, just in case they show some post-vaccination symptoms, similar to babies. Most dog boarding and day care services will not accept a pet with an illness as it will affect other dogs too.


You need to have your dog checked up thoroughly by a veterinarian before leaving him / her in a dog kennel service. If you dog is found to have any sort of ailment and needs treatment, you cannot leave him there and will need to postpone your trip. It would also save you a lot of energy worrying about your dog when you are gone.


It is important that you instruct the dog kennel services about the medication that your pet is on. You have to ensure that the staff is well-trained in handling medicine application and feeding the right dosage while you are not there. This will also make sure that you beloved is properly taken care of.

External facilities

It is always wise to be prepared in case of emergencies or natural disasters. Please ensure that your dog kennel service is properly equipped to handle emergencies. This can include having an ambulance on-call, special transportation services, evacuation procedures, etc.

You can, additionally, check if they have internal cameras that can be accessed remotely, so that you can keep an eye on your pet any time you want.


If you think you dog is bound to have separation anxiety, it is better to check if you dog boarding service has day care facility. Leaving your dog for an entire day away from you will give you a fair idea whether he / she can adjust without you.

Petsfolio has earned a name in high quality dog boarding services across the country. With many pet owners preferring our services and entrusting their beloved pet with us, you are rest assured that you dog is in the right hands.

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