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How to Stop Puppy Biting?

If your puppy is nipping at everything that comes his way, he is showing great signs of growing up and teething. Get in touch Petsfolio to know more about streamlining your puppy biting woes.

It is quite natural for puppies to bite and nip at everything they come across. As they begin to teeth, they naturally tend to chew on everything that comes their way.

Dogs’ generally prefer to explore their surroundings by using their mouth, besides using their paws to manipulate objects around. This is very natural for every puppy as they are just beginning their journey to adulthood.

However, taking help from an expert dog trainer may come in handy to help you through this journey.

Why do pups bite?

Puppy biting may seem quite adorable at the beginning but as their teething intensifies, it will become quite difficult to control them. They will nip and bite at everything from shoes to furniture, sofas, belts, and anything that they come across.

Puppies have sharp teeth and don’t know how hard they are actually biting. Needless to say, this kind of behavior is something that we do not want continuing to adulthood.

This is where pet training services come into play, wherein they help you to deal with the anxiety of teething and help your dogs’ ease their irritability too.

Pet trainers have a systematic way of letting puppies know what is good and what is not. Biting that may seem fun at first, may turn out to be quite painful later. These are some ways that they advise dog-owners to adapt if they have a puppy around the house.


It is always a good idea to keep a treat, or two, ready in your pocket, or wherever you go. This will help you to attract your pups attention even when he is distracted by chewing on something completely unwanted.

Hold the treat in your hands and wrap your fingers around it. The puppy will try to bite it or paw at your hand, but you mustn’t give it to the pup. What you need to wait for is, the moment your pup moves his nose away from your hand, you should then reward him for his patience.

This is one way dog trainers help pups understand the importance of not biting at everything. They teach him that rewards will be given only when the pup does not bite or chew at everything that comes his way. He needs to have that patience.


Since biting is part of growing up for kids and pups alike, giving your little puppies toys to chew on may ease his irritability.

Dog training services help you to ease your pups bite pressure by teaching them the importance of playing a game with toys and not biting on the hand.

The moment there is any hand contact, the trainers will stop playing with the dogs there, and talk to them to about it. It is very important to communicate your pain with the pups so that they understand the difference between playing and biting.

This has to be followed by every house member just to make sure that they do not have different types of commands being followed.

Calling out to the pup, letting them know that you are hurt, telling them not to bite on your hand and instead just grab the toy, etc. are good ways to communicate with the pup from an early age.

You will be surprised how fast dogs actually pick up!

Inhibit the biting

When a pup latches on to your hand for too long, yelp a little to make sure that they know it is hurting you. Do not speak with your pup for about 20 seconds. This time out will slowly make them understand that it is not good to bite and they have to restrict the use of their teeth.

If this behavior continues for more than three times in 15 to 20 minutes, you need to give your pup a time out.

Dog training services help dog-owners by using these techniques to help the pups restrict their biting as well as enable them to follow simple commands at an early age.


Dog trainers help your pups to adapt to their teething process by encouraging playing games with them during the day. Hiding their treats around the house will help them to get distracted and physically stimulate them as well.

Playing games can be a good idea to help the pups steer away from chewing on your precious toys or sofas or pillows.

Using products

There are various products in the market that deter the dog from chewing on things around the house or wherever they are. By using these harmless sprays are designed to prevent a dog from licking or chewing by putting an unpleasant taste in their mouth.

Dog trainers often use two steps to help the pups get acquainted with a spray like this. First is by spraying a little on a cotton ball and making the dog lick it. If he spits it out right away, then make the dog smell the same cotton ball to help him associate the taste and smell of the spray.

In the second step, make sure that the dog does not have access to any water or bowl of water for at least an hour (no longer) after making contact with the product. However, cruel it may sound, the pet trainers use this method to teach the dog that they cannot run to a bowl of water to wash off the product from their mouth and nose. This will prove to be ineffective in training them.

These are a few ways that dog trainers in Hyderabad at Petsfolio use to train pups to help them ease their biting and teething. Get in touch with the Petsfolio dog training services in Hyderabad to help you deal with pup biting woes, today!

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