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Feed the Dogs: Water Campaign – A Unique Initiative by Petsfolio!

Petsfolio is a unique pet service company offering dog boarding, dog grooming, and dog walking services to pet-owners across India.

Water, water everywhere, but very little means to drink. Did you know that dogs require very little water during the day? A dog weighing roughly 10 kgs consumes roughly ½ a litre of water in 24 hours. That’s not much. But the irony lies when they don’t get their share of water while outside.

A humanitarian initiative by the team at Petsfolio, for our furry friends, helped highlight this by conducting “Feed The Dogs: Water Campaign” at the dog park in Hyderabad city. Their primary intent was simple- Help the ones who help us when we need them.

As a group of enthusiast dog owners and trainers, Petsfolio finds innovative ways to assist pets and their owners in making their lives easier. They believe – Every dog is different, but they are a part of our family and reciprocate love with their loyalty at the end of the day. The Water campaign aimed at helping dogs replenish their thirst by providing them with clean water served in individual bowls.

The reason behind the initiative

Dedicated space

The park sees a lot of dogs coming with their owners to play or walk or get trained. However, there isn’t a dedicated space for them to slurp water when they get tired. With the help of this campaign, dogs can quench their thirst and remain hydrated during their playtime. Besides helping pet dogs, the team also provided water to the strays around the area.

Seasonal change

Seasons affect dogs as well. When the temperature soars in summers, you need to provide water to dogs while taking them on a walk, exercise, or training. Watering holes or water pools help dogs to get respite from the sweltering heat. Excessive panting or salivation can affect their body and increase their water intake. It is best to check on the seasonal change and keep their bowls full of water daily.

Keeps them active

Every dog’s energy level is different and none other than the pet owners can vouch for it. It is essential to give them timely meals in appropriate quantity; they also need their drinking water share. It helps them feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a tiring time running around or playing. Inadequate water intake can drain their energy quicker than required.

Reduces ailments

When dogs don’t consume water at regular intervals, they can get dehydrated or develop unwanted ailments. Water shortage in their body can lead to sustained infections or diseases that will prove painful in the long run. Consuming water, when outdoors or indoors, reduces ailments and illnesses for dogs.

Just like humans, dogs too need their share of clean water. With the uber-supportive team of Petsfolio, the “Feed the Dogs: Water Campaign” has proven to be a massive success to date. The kindness and empathy shown towards our furry friends has gained goodwill amongst all those visiting the park. The team is ever-ready to keep the spirits high by shuffling their responsibilities and time to serve dogs.

Their initiative has created a meaningful impact in society and on people’s general attitude towards dogs.

Sometimes, all you need is a loving heart, a crazy dog, and their unconditional love to make your world right.

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