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Easy Dog Walking Tips

Dogs can be quite a handful and you have to be extremely careful and alert while tending to your dogs every day. This does not imply that you be scared or worried, but simply that you need to have control over your dogs’ actions and behaviour. For quite a few people, dog walking becomes a bit of a nightmare because of the dogs constant pulling of leash and running behind other creatures on the road without any direction. This can be harmful, not only, for your dog but for you as well.

It is vital that you train your dog before embarking on dog walking and get the help from professional dog walking companies near you to help you do just that.

Take the lead

It is important that in every walk you are taking the lead and not the other way round. You have to guide your dog where he / she needs to go and how far are they allowed to run. This will come over a period of time with proper training and instructions. Holding the dogs’ leash with a loop around your hand will help you have better control over his movement. This will not only make your life easier, but ease your dogs’ anxiety as well. He will understand the pace you are walking at and match up to that gradually.

Professional pet walking companies near me have always harped upon the importance of dog training and it is time that you take the benefit as well.


When you consult a dog walking agency, they are adept in training your dog with simple and complex commands as well as helping them with personal grooming. If your dog does not understand when you tell him ‘sit’, ‘sleep’, ‘walk’, ‘run’, ‘heel’, etc. you have lost one end of the battle. Training your dog with using commands helps them to become more guided and confident too.

Tone of voice 

There has to be a different tone of voice that you use every time you use certain commands. When you say ‘heel’ and if your dogs obediently stays on your left, you should praise him and use encouraging words so that he / she knows that they are appreciated. Your dog understands the tone of your voice completely and will respond to you in the same way and listen to you accordingly. It is better to use voice commands while dog walking, instead of yanking the end of the leash on your dog.

Dog walking services train your dogs to understand the use of simple commands making both of your lives easier.

Always remember to pick up your dogs poop while on a walk so that other people are not inconvenienced.

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