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Dog Grooming Made Easy

Dog grooming is an integral part of your pets life. An ungroomed dog is not very pleasant to have around, especially because of the smell and ticks. To keep your dog perfectly well-groomed, Petsfolio brings to your customized dog grooming services only for your pet!

Leave all your dog grooming woes to us. Our pet grooming services include-

  • Bathing
  • Brushing of hair / fur coat
  • Nails trimming
  • Ear and Teeth Care
  • Hair Cuts

You have a grooming service to be availed? Petsfolio is just the destination for you. Our pet groomers are well-versed and well-equipped with the art of grooming your pets to perfection. With a good hold on all breeds of pets, the groomers make them feel right at home.

Give your dog the best grooming they deserve!

As a pet owner or a dog owner, the biggest worry that engulfs you is a proper grooming schedule. Besides getting adequate exercise and activity, dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis to avoid an unhealthy dog. To keep your dog clean and groomed boosts his / her looks and hygiene level.

Dog grooming services provide you with the necessary tools and grooming products that are ideal for your dogs coat. Each breed has specific features and style that needs to be paid attention to. If you understand the basic structure and requirement, you can enjoy a creative dog grooming process for your beloved pet.

Dog groomers are equipped with understanding and knowledge about different breeds of dogs and can cater to their individual requirements seamlessly. Dogs don’t bathe every day, hence it is all the more imperative to maintain a schedule that will ensure timely hygiene routine. Besides availing dog grooming services, you can also spend some quality time with your beloved pet and understand their habits closely.

Some basic dog grooming services covered at Petsfolio includes-


Petsfolio uses the best dog products prescribed by veterinarians and dog groomers worldwide. Each dog has a different fur coat and we ensure that their fur is not disturbed in the entire bathing process. Dogs usually are quite wary about bathing and need to be coaxed into getting one as per their schedule. Soap free shampoos and conditioners are prescribed by vets to ensure that your dog does not shed hair untimely. Every skin and coat type requires a different shampoo. It is best to consult with our vet to understand the type that will best suit your munchkin.

Although dog groomers recommend a monthly bathing schedule, however, bathing them once a week or 10 days is not going to harm them.

Brushing of hair / fur coat

Brushing is an important part of your dogs grooming schedule. Every breed has different brushing requirement and dog grooming services understand this basic difference. It is an activity that is best carried out by you, as an owner; however, if you think that you may not be able to do justice to it, get professional dog groomers at Petsfolio to do it for you.

Long haired dogs require daily brushing to keep their hair from tangling or knotting; medium haired dogs require brushing every week and short haired dogs require brushing every fortnight. This is most required during shedding season to avoid excessive hair fall and maintain a healthy regrowth of coat.


Nails are an asset and an adversary for dogs. If they grow too long, they can be subject to breaking and chipping or completely coming off from the root. Although dogs are not fond of this activity, however, vets recommend trimming their nails at least once a month. However, the growth of the nails differs, making the schedule vary from dog to dog.

Cutting their nails is a skill that requires a lot of patience. Professional dog grooming services have experience in handling nail cuts and trims, ensuring that they are not too long and are not too short as it becomes quite painful for the dogs to walk in that case. Veterinary technicians have extensive experience in this process, and can teach you to carry out the same without getting them anxious.

Teeth and Ears

Many dogs do not have any trouble with their ears and teeth all through their life; however, for some it is breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Usually ear cleaning and teeth cleaning is recommended once a month, but some dogs with chronic problems need this activity to be carried out every day.

Approximately 70% of adult dogs have tooth related problem. It is imperative to give brush their teeth regularly to avoid tooth decay. There are several dog grooming products available in the market to battle tooth problems.

Hair cut

Like humans, dog hair grows relatively quickly and they also require a good hair cut schedule to avoid shedding and over growth. This is an activity that is best carried out by professionals only. Dogs usually require a hair cut or trim every 2 to 4 weeks. However, it is best to get it checked with grooming professionals to ascertain the same.

Give your dogs the  best dog grooming services that he / she deserves. Visit Petsfolio and get all grooming services at affordable cost under expert supervision and dog groomers.

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