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At What Age Should A Dog Start Obedience Training?

If you are thinking of starting obedience training for your pet, connect with professional dog trainers to help you. With multiple do’s and don’ts attached to training a dog, it is imperative to understand the right age, time and ways to train your pooch in a structured manner.

One question that often plagues dog owners is the right age to begin dog obedience training. With many self-help websites to guide you, you may get overwhelmed with all the nitty-gritties involved in training your dog. This is where dog trainers step in. They not only guide with the right methods and ways to train your precious pooch but also engage them with a number of exercises to make the process easier.

As the leading dog training services country-wide, we have grown to understand each breed of dog and their temperament before starting their obedience training. Not every dog responds in the same way as the last one, hence it is important to factor in some points before beginning this journey.

You will be training your puppy, in some way or the other, from the moment they step into the house. From making space for them to rest to monitoring their eating schedule and food habits, everything counts as training. However, there is a specific age that you should actually begin command training or obedience training.

Let us have a look at some of the factors to take into consideration while engaging them in their schedule-

Simple commands

Puppies often have a short attention span, making them less responsive to certain commands being told. However, basic obedience commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘down’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, may start as early as 7 to 8 weeks of their age.

Potty training

For more than obvious reasons, this is perhaps the most important training of them all. Potty training is a slightly more tedious and long drawn process as the pups are still getting acquainted with their surroundings. They are not totally in control of their motions and may just end up peeing or pooing in and around the house.

With the help of dog trainers at home, you can engage them in a daily schedule of walking and playing outdoors, thus inculcating the habit of only peeing or pooing outside the house. If you see them go to a wrong location, interrupt them calmly and immediately take them to the right location.

Rewarding a dog when they get their location right, is a big morale booster for them. Supervise them at regular intervals to help them understand the importance of going outside for their daily chores. No amount of scolding will do the trick. It is all about patience.

Food-luring technique

Almost all beings, including babies and puppies, respond to food treats in some way or the other. Dog training services employ basic methodologies that involves luring the dog to follow commands by offering them some special treats. This way they start relating the object to the command and eventually do so without any treats either.

By pairing a command with some action stimulates their brain and makes them respond to commands in a better way.

Time to train

It is important to allot certain timelines to your puppies schedule every day in order for them to have a set pattern of events. Spending at least 15 minutes each day will give them time to process the commands and also make them listen to you better.

Dog training services near me help to make this job easier as they have a set time to follow to engage with every pet. Each breed will respond differently, much like children, and they cannot be rushed into learning something. Practicing in different locations help them pick relax and become more comfortable while undergoing a good obedience training schedule.

With the experience of pet trainers, you can engage your pet in starting their journey of following orders, listening to you and responding well, as early as 8 weeks. However, it is advisable to follow a more scheduled training approach post 6 months of age.

It is never too late to undertake dog obedience training near me, however, the key is to engage with professionals trainers to make this job much easier. Connect with our team of breeders and owners to help you get the desired result without any hitch.

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