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5 Common Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid

Dog training is not only a challenge but requires patience as well. While they understand the language that we train them to understand, they need to understand specific basic and advanced commands to make our lives easier. We know dogs cannot be pushed or mistreated to understand us as ardent dog lovers. We need to take baby steps to make sure that our furry friends turn out to be pawtastic.  

There is a ton of information on the internet to train dogs. But, unfortunately, in our enthusiasm to give our best to our dogs, we often make a few common mistakes that prove more harmful than beneficial in the long run.

Let us look at the top five mistakes we must avoid while training dogs.


When was the last time you liked someone saying something over and over again only to ignore it? The same applies to dogs as well. One of the most common dog training mistakes we make is nagging them. It happens with the most common commands, such as ”come” or ”sit”. If they do not respond to the command, we tend to keep saying it. Pretty soon, your dog doesn’t pay attention if you repeat it several times, and then they lose interest in listening to the cue and ignore you.

It is better to stop repeating it than make them lose interest.

Little or No Practice

We know ‘‘practice makes perfect; however, if we train our canine companions at home, we don’t regularly find time to make them practice their basic commands. As pet owners, we often ignore the fundamental lesson to practice commands with them every day. Like children, we have to make dogs learn their commands often to increase their retention. Their attention span is short, and regular 10-minute sessions will help them retain their commands better.


When frustrated, we cannot function well, let alone conduct practical dog training. Dogs can immediately sense something wrong with you by sniffing you, feeling your tension or irritation, and seeing your body language. Avoid training them when you are frustrated because you will not be able to teach them anything valuable and will get frustrated with them instead. Don’t let the happy tails stop wagging because of your mood.

Waiting too long to train

Another common mistake most pet owners make is to wait for the ”right time” to start training them. The earlier you begin training them, the better it is. The ideal age to start training dogs with basic commands is six weeks to eight weeks because they have a higher retention power in their first six months. Please don’t wait for them to turn older to start training them, as their bad habits will begin settling in by then.

Harsh discipline

Hitting or snapping at a dog is another common dog training mistake most pet owners make. Harsh discipline will make them rigid, but some breeds get into their shell and stop responding. Using any severe punishment, such as leash jerking, hitting, rolling your eyes, staring at them, yelling, etc., will yield a negative result. It will make them more fearful of you, thus making them run away from any dog training session and you.

Longer training sessions

So today, you have the time to take your dog out and help them practice basic commands. In your enthusiasm to make them learn commands, you tend to increase the training session, thinking they will learn faster. But, you couldn’t be more wrong! Working at a stretch of 45 mins without a break takes a toll on us, so imagine how they would feel. Longer training sessions do more harm than good, so it is not advisable. Continuous training will repel them from any future sessions with you. Shorter sessions work better than longer ones.


We might want to teach our pets the best behaviour and at least a few basic commands, but the lack of time can deter an excellent dog training session. It is best to hire dog trainers near you who can come and teach them commands in a structured manner. They are trained professionals who understand every dog’s psychology, thus helping prepare them better. Next time you think of training your dog, keep these points in mind before proceeding. They are your furry friends and loyal companions; do not ruin your relationship with them.

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