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written by Petsfolio on Mar 05, 2022

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How to Stop My Dog From Pulling on the Lead?

Most of the puppies and dogs just get excited a lot when they go out for walks. As there will be a lot of fun things going on around them, they will want to explore. It is essential for the owners to show them how to walk calmly on the lead. This will ensure that the owner is safe from getting pulled over.

Most of the dog walkers would have experienced being pulled by the lead at least once during their walking schedule. It is fun to have such experiences, but they are not safe. So teaching them not to pull would be great.

Here are some of the tips that will help you when you are on dog walking. If you are unable to follow them, then you can always get professional dog services to do the things for you.

Required Equipment

Before you get to the process of how to stop the dog from pulling the lead, you have to get your equipment sorted out. This equipment is mandatory, and you have to get them in place before you start anything. Well, you don’t need any heavy or costly equipment to control your dogs though. Only two types of equipment are enough to manage your dog

  • Treats
  • Head collars



Using the treats when you are taking your dog for a walk is one of the ways to stop it from pulling out any stunt. Do not call this bribery because you are just rewarding your dog for something that it has done. The dog is about to change one of its habits, and it is not worthy if you don’t offer it some incentives.

Treats are a way of encouraging your dog. They will do the things that you want them to do as they are rewarded. These treats will also help in distracting your dog from doing any inappropriate stuff.

If the dog knows that you are carrying its food around to reward it, they will pay more attention to the things that you say.

Head Collars

If you have a strong dog or the one that cannot be controlled easily, then head collars are your go-to option. These collars are worn on the dog’s face right behind the chin and it gives you more control over it.

There are various types of head collars that are available in the market, and you can use them.

The one thing that you have to take care of here is to introduce it to your dog in a perfect manner, or else there are high chances that it will hate the collar forever.


  • Take your dog into the garden or backyard and wear them out. This way they will be less ready to take on the real world.
  • Make sure to carry a full load of treat bag with you and calm your dog before the training lead. Reward your dog with some snacks as it was calm and this will help the dog from getting over excited when you are out on the road.
  • Ensure that the lead is loose. If it gets excited at any point, stop right there and do not move an inch, do not jerk off the lead back too. Stand still until the lead is loose again. Now start moving.
  • If your dog gets excited seeing anything pull it back and get away from that place. Come back to it after some time or avoid it altogether.
  • Walk slowly and make it a habit for your dog to walk slowly too. As it walks gradually until a certain point of time, reward it. Keep on repeating the same.
  • If the dog pulls, stop rewarding it and delay the walk. The dog will stop pulling the lead, now reward it.
  • Dog’s natural walking pace is double than that of a human. It isn’t something that dogs do deliberately, so you have to control the dog by showering it with love, extra care and the most important of all snacks.

These are some of the tips that will help you in controlling your dog while walking. All the expert dog walking usually implement these tips to manage the dogs. Petsfolio offers reliable pet services that take care of all your dogs’ requirement and provides them with the necessary training, exercising and walking to keep them healthy and fit.

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