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Group Training

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The group training facility is provided by Petsfolio as a way

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Group dog training classes

Many a time, it is very important to train your dog for the worst scenarios and dangerous situations. It is also very necessary to train your dog, the way you want. For all these groups dog training is very important.


Our Training Packages

Our one to one training packages are customized to fit your dog's long term needs

Level - 01

  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Rest
  • Potty
  • Heal Walk
  • Jumping Control
  • Sit
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Level - 02

  • Hi-FI
  • Speak
  • Nail Trimming
  • Shoot
  • Zigzag
  • Sleep
  • Salute
  • Shake Hand
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Training Details

  • Course - Level01
  • Duration - 15 Sessions, 1 hr per day

Class Rules

  • One handler per dog in calss, but entire family welcome to attend
  • Max 2 Children over 11 years are welcome to attend, must be accompained by an adult
  • Instructor/Stundent ratio is 1:8
  • No out of control, aggresive or wild dogs
  • No choke chains or electronic colloars allowed on site

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This package is comprised of 1 hr session

    Here from our Customers

    We are so greatful for the pleasure of serving your pets and thank you for inspiring us with your appriciations

    Petsfolio has the best groomers as they are caring, friendly, and listen to my specific needs. They follow grooming instructions precisely on how I want my pet to be groomed. I recommended Petsfolio to everyone for any kind of grooming service.

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    The best grooming my pet ever had. Couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied. The way the Portfolio groomer trimmed the paws gave my pet a special unique look. Can’t wait to book a next grooming session again with Petsfolio only.
    -- Shivadesai

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    I would like to take this opportunity to express an awesome experience I had as a pet parent. My pet is a high-maintenance pet but with the loving and caring spirit of Petsfolio groomer and years of experience, my pet simply enjoyed the grooming so much. I highly recommend Petsfolio groomers trained to accommodate the customized pet grooming requirements.
    -- Abhishek

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Petsfolio what is the age criteria of pups to avail the dog boarding services?

    The age restrictions for pups vary among different boarding facilities. Most facilities accept pups that are aged four months and are fully vaccinated. Your puppy should be 6 months old before opting for dog boarding services. At this age, the puppy will have matured more.

    For Dog Boarding facilities do you provide discounts for multiple dogs and how much is the cost for dog boarding?

    Petsfolio offers multiple plans that are available at affordable packages as part of dog daycare services and other services. We understand the needs of our customers and never compromise on offering truly best-in-class services at reasonable price bands.

    At the dog boarding kennel if my dog is on a special diet will the boarding care provide the prescribed food or there is an option to send his personal food?

    You have the option to send personal food for your doggy. Also, if your dog happens to be on a special diet, you can provide the prescribed food, and we will offer food as per your instructions. With Petsfolio, the dog boarding experience is smooth and hassle-free.

    What are the timings for the pickup and drop at the doggy care-the Petsfolio?

    Our pet boarding services are open round the clock, 24X7. At Petsfolio, the designated time schedule for pick up and drop ranges between — am to —pm. If you want to pick up your dog outside the designated hours, give us a call beforehand so that your doggy is ready for pickup when you arrive at the facility.

    Are all breeds of dogs accepted at dog boarding –The Petsfolio?

    Yes, at Petsfolio, we do accept all breeds of dogs. We do have expertise dog trainers who are familiar with all types of breeds psychology and make sure that your pets stay stress and anxiety-free. This is what makes Petsfolio the leading provider of dog kennel services.

    What all activities do the pups do when at the dog boarding facility?

    At Petsfolio, we offer a bundle of activities so that the dogs do not feel alien. We have a spacious play area packed with equipment wherein the dogs can roam freely and socialize among themselves. The activities as part of dog kennel services are fun engaging, and keep your dog hooked to the activities all the time.

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