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Dog walking is an important aspect of your dogs life. They need that time and exercise to loosen their body and unclutter their mind, facilitating a healthy and more alert dog! Afterall, an alert and happy dog is the best friend you can have! In order to make life much easier and simpler for you, Petsfolio presents professional dog walking services in Mumbai. Designed to meet your busy schedule and keeping your convenience in mind, we have a team of dog walkers in Mumbai who would love to walk your dog for you! If you are worried about pricing, then shun your woes away. We offer affordable dog walking services that are reasonably priced, making dog walking more enjoyable and structured for your pet. Petsfolio is your one-stop solution to all dog walking services and training. Give your pet the health they deserve! In 4 simple steps… Click, Open, Book and Report… Get your dog walking services promptly.

Dog Walkers in Mumbai

Dog Walking Services that Clients Trust!

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  • Once again, thank you for your perfect care. While they were happy to see us today, they also let us know that they have been content and happy while we were away.

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  • Awesome! Our dogs and cat love the individual attention they get from Royalty Pet Sitters. We wouldn't leave our fur kids with anyone else!

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Exclusive Packages Tailor-made for you!

Petsfolio understands the nitty-gritties of every individuals need, and hence offers customized dog walking services package to meet your requirement. With an affordable price structure, you can avail of a wide range of services from Petsfolio today!

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4000 /Month (1 Time)

6 Days A Week (Mor or Eve)

7000 /Month (2 Times)

6 Days A Week (Mor & Eve)

  • Morning Walk
  • Evening Walk
  • Cleaning the dog
  • Brushing the dog
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3000 / Month

4 Visits per Month

  • Dog shampoo Bath
  • Dog combing
  • Ears cleaning
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3500 / Month

1 Visit per Month

  • Deworming
  • Vaccinations
  • Dog bath (tick + shampoo)
  • Dog combing
  • Nail clipping
  • Ears cleaning
  • Vet @ home -Health checkup

Our Team

You are only as good as your team. Petsfolio adheres and abides by this motto and this is reflected in the high quality dog walking services that we offer. We understand that it is not enough to just walk a dog, but to connect with it. Our team comprises of highly trained dog walkers, who are also passionate dog lovers. Get all the support and care that you want for your beloved dog with the team at Petsfolio. If you are looking at extending your passion for dogs, to walking them regularly, become a certified dog walker with Petsfolio today! Earn while you play with dogs…

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If you are passionate about dogs and want to become certified dog walker and want to have some experience in dog walking. Why not join us at Petsfolio where you can earn while playing with the dogs.


Make every shelter count!

Petsfolio makes every penny count for every shelter rendered to homeless dogs. In collaboration with you and animal welfare organizations we can help make their lives better!

Dog Walkers in Mumbai
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Your search for the best dog walking app ends at Petsfolio. Download today!

Our App is like having a dog-loving neighbour!

  • Dog Walker Profile
  • Dog walk daily report
  • Live Tracking
  • Book On-demand
  • Pause & Resume walk
  • Secure Walker Identification

Certified and trusted

Petsfolio has earned its name by becoming the Official vendor of Telangana Police and A.P. Police. With excellent dog training at our centre complete with personal grooming and command following, we lead the way when it comes to police dog requirement. Services that are absolutely trustworthy!

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  • What is Petsfolio?

    Petsfolio is a new-age dog handling service that has been created to make your dogs’ life easier. You can hire us for dog walking, dog boarding, training, day care services, and much more.

  • Why should I book a service from Petsfolio?

    We not only offer you the convenience to walk your dog, but also ensure that it is carried out in a structured manner. Our affordable services helps your dog to get the necessary physical and emotional exercise that he / she requires.

  • Who will walk my dog?

    We cater to a wide range of services focussing on your dogs’ well-being. You can access the choice of dog walker from the app, who will be present in and around your community. These dog walkers are also passionate dog lovers who understand all core aspect about a dogs behaviour and life. They guide and mentor your dogs to become better every day.

  • What if I have more than one dog?

    It is absolutely nothing to worry about. We offer dog walking services for multiple dogs as well. The rates for the services will differ and may cost you a just a little more per dog. You can request for group walking or separate dog walking services, as per your convenience.

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