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Petsfolio has become one of the best dog walking service in Hyderabad today. With an esteemed clientele, we cater to walking services for all breeds of dogs. Book an appointment and visit the centre to understand more about our exclusive dog walking services. The best dog walkers in Hyderabad ensure that your beloved pet is completely taken care of while being walked in different areas, as assigned. All dogs are given ample exercise right from playing fetch to running as well as playing tug-of-war. With a bunch of modern amenities, Petsfolio is your best choice for dog walking service in Hyderabad.

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Our clients feedback lets you make an informed decision!

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    P Hasini

  • Once again, thank you for your perfect care. While they were happy to see us today, they also let us know that they have been content and happy while we were away.

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  • Awesome! Our dogs and cat love the individual attention they get from Royalty Pet Sitters. We wouldn't leave our fur kids with anyone else!

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Affordable dog walking prices at Petsfolio in Hyderabad

We understand the concern behind availing of dog walking services in Hyderabad. However, we assure of you absolutely affordable prices and pocket-friendly rates to assist you with your dog every day. All packages are designed to meet your requirement and can be customized as per your requirement. Whether it is one dog or many, we offer competitive cost of dog walking rates just for you.

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4000 /Month (1 Time)

6 Days A Week (Mor or Eve)

7000 /Month (2 Times)

6 Days A Week (Mor & Eve)

  • Morning Walk
  • Evening Walk
  • Cleaning the dog
  • Brushing the dog
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3000 / Month

4 Visits per Month

  • Dog shampoo Bath
  • Dog combing
  • Ears cleaning
Dog Doctor Services


3500 / Month

1 Visit per Month

  • Deworming
  • Vaccinations
  • Dog bath (tick + shampoo)
  • Dog combing
  • Nail clipping
  • Ears cleaning
  • Vet @ home -Health checkup

Dog walker in Hyderabad, working with Petsfolio, are highly trained and qualified to care for your dogs. The team is not only comprises of dog lovers, but also professional trainers, who will keep your dogs’ happy while walking them. Our service is rendered meaningful because of a strong team of dog walkers and trainers with Petsfolio!

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If you are passionate about dogs and want to become certified dog walker and want to have some experience in dog walking. Why not join us at Petsfolio where you can earn while playing with the dogs.


Feeding Shelter Dogs with Each Walk!

There is nothing like make a little contribution to better the lives of abandoned dogs. Petsfolio, in collaboration with you and other animal welfare organizations, wishes to achieve this milestone shortly.

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Download the Petsfolio app for your passport to dog walking services today!

Our App is like having a dog-loving neighbour!

  • Dog Walker Profile
  • Dog walk daily report
  • Live Tracking
  • Book On-demand
  • Pause & Resume walk
  • Secure Walker Identification

Certified Trust & Safety

With a huge experience and experience in dog training and services, we have become the trusted and certified official vendor for Telangana police and A.P.police. The recognition of all our efforts to ensure a dogs safety has helped us achieve this big breakthrough.

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  • Do you walk multiple dogs at a time?

    Yes we walk close to 3 to 5 dogs at a time so that the dog also has good company and does not get anxious. If you want to have exclusive dog walking services in Hyderabad, we can absolutely arrange it for you.

  • Why should I choose Petsfolio?

    Petsfolio comprises of a team of highly trained dog experts and dog lovers who understand the behaviour of dogs thoroughly. They not only cater to your dogs’ every requirement, but also give them a lot of exercise and games to make them healthy and fit.

  • Do I have the same dog walker every day?

    Yes, mostly you will have the same dog walker everyday just to ensure that your dog is absolutely comfortable. However, in case of any exigency, the dog walker may be replaced to avoid any break. We will keep you informed at all stages of the walk.

  • What are your charges for dog walking services?

    Our packages are custom-made and broken into daily, weekly and monthly packages. You can check out our website to understand the rates better.

  • What if my dog has special needs?

    We understand how concerning it could be when your pet friend has a special need. We assure you that we are equipped to take care of your friend’s special need. All you need to do is mention in the records while registering and leave the rest to us. It is that simple.

  • Are Dog walks with or without leash?

    We take your dog for a walk with leash only unless you specifically mention not to. However, it will be at owner’s risk, if dogs off leash are taken for the walk.

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