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Obedience TrainingIs essential for a better petting experience

Is essential for a better petting experience Book Now

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    Our Training Packages

    Our one to one training packages are customized to fit your dog’s long-term needs. We teach and implement the most basic obedience skills for good manners and help get rid of any bad behaviors.

    Basic Obedience

    •  Stand
    •  Stay
    •  Come
    •  Down
    •  Rest
    •  Potty
    •  Heal walk
    •  Jumping Control
    •  Sit
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    Basic Advance

    •   Hi-Fi
    •  Speak
    •  Counting
    •  Shoot
    •  Zigzag
    •  Sleep
    •  Salute
    •  Shake Hand
    • Basic Obedience
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    •  Long Stay
    •  Food Control
    •  Fetch
    •  Hold & Drop
    •  Gaurding
    •  Crawl
    •  Attack & Reverse
    •  Socialization
    • Basic Obedience
    • Basic Advance
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    Choose the training type that fits your needs

    Home training


    Boarding & Training


    Online Training


    Why should you require Obedience Training

    • dog

      Builds self-confidence and your best buddy understands what to expect

    • dog
      Develop a Stronger Bond

      A well-trained dog helps build a stronger bond with the owners and easier to manage means

    • dog
      Mental Stimulation

      Mentally stimulating a dog accounts for a calmer, a more focussed dog & strengthens human animal bond

    • dog
      Physical Communication

      Physically communicating with dog helps build a solid relationship that is based on trust

    • dog
      The Importance of Owner Instruction

      Our owner instruction methods helps owners achieve the desired behavior from their dog on a consistent basis

    • dog
      Ability to create a safer Environment

      Helps create a safer environment for you and for those who come in contact with your dog.


    Get your doggie well behaved!

    Avail free consultation with experts and discuss obedience needs of your pets

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the most common obedience commands for dogs?

    Some common obedience commands include sit, stay, come, heel, down or lay down, off, no and more. Most people use these commands with their pets routinely.

    What is the minimum age for dogs to start obedience training?

    Young puppies tend to have short attention spans. The dogs must have a minimum age of 4 months to be eligible for obedience training.

    Why is my dog disobedient?

    One of the likely scenarios is that your dog has not been properly trained. Also, the training of the dog might have been stopped or broken down.

    How long does it take for my doggy to learn obedience?

    The dogs with daily sessions will learn obedience within 4 weeks post completion of course. For those attending bi-weekly training sessions it will take 9 weeks.

    How can I train my dog to become obedient? How can I train my dog to become obedient?

    Ensure to reward your dog every time a treat for responding to your commands. The dog will soon realize that following obedience is associated with rewards.

    What is the effectiveness of obedience training?

    The effectiveness of obedience training depends on the dog’s breed and its temperament. More than that you need to practice obedience training with your dog regularly at home.

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