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Dogs are the most important part of your home, especially if you are a passionate dog lover. There is nothing more worrisome than to travel with our beloved pet. In such situations, rather than calling in favours from inexperienced dog caretakers or relatives, invest in dog kennel services to make your dogs’ life easier. Petsfolio caters to different breeds of dogs from all age groups and provides comprehensive dog kennel services, dog day care services as well as training to your dog. The facilities at all our centres are built in compliance with international standards, maintaining your dogs’ safety and hygiene at all times. Connect with Petsfolio by downloading the dog boarding app and let our experts take care of your dog completely.

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    Once again, thank you for your perfect care. While they were happy to see us today, they also let us know that they have been content and happy while we were away.

    R Laxmikanth
  • Pet Walkers Hyderabad

    Awesome! Our dogs and cat love the individual attention they get from Royalty Pet Sitters. We wouldn't leave our fur kids with anyone else!


Every dog deserves a special treatment!

It is understandable to doubt the facilities as well as fees that will be charged at dog boarding services in Mumbai. With Petsfolio, you need not worry about any hidden charges. Everything is mentioned in black and white, addressing all your queries at once. Right from daily dog boarding services to day care centre in Mumbai, you can customize your package to match your requirement and budget.


Per day



Upto 15 Days



More Than 30 Days


Pick and Drop Available will be charge upon Kms. Minimum Fare 200 (Upto 10 Km) after that 15 Rs / Km

Certified and trusted

If you have any doubts about our high quality services? Click and check Petsfolio facilities that are highly specialized and dog-centric. We are one of the only trusted official vendor of Telangana police and A.P. police.

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  • What are the age requirements for availing dog boarding services?

    We cannot board dogs below 6 months of age and we will need a veterinary doctors approval and medication list for dogs above 13 years of age.

  • If my dog is on medication, would you still be able to tend to him / her?

    Yes, absolutely! We have in-house doctors and trained dog experts who are skilled in administering medication to your dog, even while you are away. You will need to provide us with- name of the medicines, time, dosage schedule and strength of the dosage.We will charge you an additional medicine charge, which will be mentioned in our further discussions.

  • Can my dogs enjoy the same comfort that he / she is used to at home?

    Yes, we do everything in our power to encourage a similar environment to keep your dog happy and contended while you are away. If you like, you can also bring his / her toys, mats, towels, etc. to make them more comfortable and home-like. Rest assured they are in safe hands all the time.

  • What type of schedule do you follow for dogs while they are in your care?

    We feed the dogs 3-4 times a day to ensure that they are never hungry. We use high grade pet food, but if you want, you can also drop off the food that he eats in reusable containers.There are structured games like fetch and running that we play with the dogs. Besides giving a good tummy rub to your pet, we also have a bathing schedule in place to maintain their hygiene using high quality pet-certified shampoos and body wash.

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