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Dog Behaviouris critical for a better petting experience

Is essential for a better petting experience

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    What behaviour issues we train

    Dog behaviour problems are misunderstood or misinterpreted by dog owners. Our dog specialists help decode behaviour cues & initiate behaviour changes for issues like aggression, excessive barking, chewing, and more in an inclusive environment.

    Barking Control

    Jumping Control

    Leash Pulling

    Food Agression

    Biting Control

    Seperation Anxieties

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    Why you can’t ignore to fix the behaviour Issue

    • dog

      Helps dog walk parallelly next to you rather behind or infront of you

    • dog
      Food/Toy Refusal

      Dogs may be poisoned if they accept food/toys from thieves/neighbors

    • dog
      Overcome obstacles

      Dogs afraid of overcoming obstacles feel less confident

    • dog
      Guarded Escape

      Dogs with separation anxiety/fear will find a way to escape

    Our Training Service

    Home training

    Solving dog behavioural issues reduces separation anxiety stress, thereby creating an obedient dog or puppy.


    Boarding & Training

    Offers a friendly and safe environment fostering your dog’s social and behavioural needs


    Online Training

    Our comprehensive dog online training transforms your dog into a well-behaved canine companion.

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    Here from Previous Customers

    We are so greatful for the pleasure of serving your pets and thank you for inspiring us with your appriciations

    Petsfolio has the best groomers as they are caring, friendly, and listen to my specific needs. They follow grooming instructions precisely on how I want my pet to be groomed. I recommended Petsfolio to everyone for any kind of grooming service.

    The best grooming my pet ever had. Couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied. The way the Portfolio groomer trimmed the paws gave my pet a special unique look. Can’t wait to book a next grooming session again with Petsfolio only.
    -- Shivadesai

    I would like to take this opportunity to express an awesome experience I had as a pet parent. My pet is a high-maintenance pet but with the loving and caring spirit of Petsfolio groomer and years of experience, my pet simply enjoyed the grooming so much. I highly recommend Petsfolio groomers trained to accommodate the customized pet grooming requirements.
    -- Abhishek

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are unacceptable behaviours for a dog?

    Taking over your bed, jumping on people, and climbing furniture are some of the dog's unacceptable behaviours. You need to set clear boundaries and be consistent.

    What are the reasons for erratic behaviours in dogs?

    Health issues like arthritis, sore teeth, epilepsy/seizures, digestive issues, yeast infections and cancer are some of the reasons for erratic behaviours in dogs.

    What causes a change in a dog's personality?

    A change in a dog's personality can be attributed to three aspects: age, quality of dog's relationship with humans, and change in owner's personality.

    Why is my dog behaving aggressively to specific dogs and not others?

    The main reasons for differential behaviours of your doggy to specific dogs include fear, poor communication, possessive behaviours over resources, territorial behaviours and so on.

    What are the common signs of dog/puppy aggression?

    Growling, snapping, nipping, aggressive barking, lip curling, dominant body language, and constant biting are some of the common signs of puppy aggression.

    How can I calm my aggressive dog?

    To calm an aggressive dog, maintain a relaxed body language, and command your dog in a quiet, firm voice. Your dog is much more likely to calm down.

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