Why is my dog so stubborn?

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Do you ever fret and get overwhelmed with the tantrums your pet has been throwing lately? Does the feeling of not understanding their behaviour keep you thinking? If yes, it’s probably a good time for you to invest in dog training services right away. 

We understand how difficult it is to handle sudden barking or whining, sulking or gloom surrounding your pet as a pet parent. It is the hardest thing to watch. 

Top 5 reasons why dogs act stubborn – 

  1. They do not get your attention. 
  2. They are not taken for their exercise or walks regularly.
  3. They do not have a routine. 
  4. They do not get the proper nutrition or food intake. 
  5. They are tied most of the time. 


Read on to know how you can sort them by making minor tweaks in your daily routine. 

  1. Attention- Dogs love attention and affection. They are living and breathing beings, and they want you to feel that. So please spare a few mins every hour to play with them or cuddle them. Talk to them in baby language and hug them when you can. It gives them immense happiness and satisfaction to feel your touch and presence. 

They don’t demand anything. Just a little bit of your time and a feeling of warmth to keep their souls nourished. 

  1. Exercise and walks: They need their daily dose of stepping out of the house and being out in the open. Since most of us stay in apartments or societies, it becomes difficult to leave your dog out in the garden all the time. Solve this by investing time in taking your dog out for a walk and give them their daily dose of exercise. 

Take them out for a stroll, run with them, or play with them. It will refresh their mind and body, and they will stop acting stubborn all the time. 

  1. Routine: Having a routine is the best way to tackle any stubbornness. Dogs are pretty hardwired to have a routine and stick to it. 

If you have set a particular time for them to pee or shit, they will do that diligently at that time. With the help of excellent dog trainers, you can build these habits and create a routine. Having a pattern gives them a sense of normalcy in life too and makes your life easy. 

  1. Nutrition: If you cannot stand hunger, your dog cannot either. You have to ensure that you have the proper nutritious meal for every stage of your dog’s growth. A full tummy results in a happy dog and a more tamed one at that too! 

Stick to a proper mealtime and ensure you follow your vets’ recommendation to feed your dog and keep them well-hydrated too. You can also check out some nifty food options for dogs’ that provide the exact quantity and type of food your dog needs. 

  1. Tied to a leash: Nothing is more restrictive than being tied to a leash all day. Dogs hate it, and so do we. On the other hand, no one likes to be restricted in their movement, so why should you limit them? Stop being ‘commercial’ pet-parent and give your precious pooch time to breathe and relax without the leash. 

Tying dogs to a leash all day or keeping them in one corner of the room will make them aggressive and stubborn. If you have to step out, vouch for a dog care center nearby until you come back. Please don’t leave them alone tied to a leash. 


Dogs are not naturally stubborn. They are made stubborn because of the way we treat them and behave with them. Your dog loves you a lot and they show it in every way. As a pet parent, we know how small things affect their behaviour. 

If you think your dog needs obedience training, consult with a professional dog trainer. Make your dogs love you more with impactful dog training services today!

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