Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Kennels Near Me!

Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Kennels
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Your dog, your pet, is one of the most precious members of your family. Hence, you are bound to be worried whenever you travel outside for work or even for a vacation. Not all resorts or holiday destinations have dog day care services. So here comes the biggest question, where do I leave my dog?

Often you would find yourself calling in favours from friends and family to look after your dog, while you are away. But, it does get a little too much if you have to do it every time! Why not look for great dog boarding services and uncomplicate matters at your end.

Choosing the right dog boarding kennels near me is not an easy task. You have to pay attention to a lot of details before actually experimenting with your pet there. Here’s a list of 5 things to keep in mind while choosing the right dog kennel services


It is very important to get a good first hand feel about the people who you will be entrusting your beloved dog with. Pet owners usually make the most lovable dog boarding service providers, however, it is better to visit the kennels to make sure that you are comfortable. Speaking with the staff members, veterinary and the owners will make things a whole lot easier.


Dog boarding services are one of the biggest places to pick up nits and ticks. So you have to ensure that that one you are choosing is absolutely hygienic and clean. Few things to bear in mind here- check the kennels cleanliness, overall tour of the facility to ensure that everything is in order, bathing and walking schedules, meal time, etc. are all part of good hygiene.

Type of kennel

There are many people who cater to only dog day care services while some other cater to full dog boarding services. You may want to evaluate your choice based on whether it is a full day trip only or a long break before deciding upon the dog boarding kennel services.


Take your pet along with you on one of the visits to the dog day care near you to make him / her comfortable. You can also take a trial run with your beloved pet by leaving them overnight in the kennel and check their reaction the next day. If the dog is not agitated and quite relaxed then you have chosen the right kennel for your pet.


This is also a big deciding factor while determining the right dog kennel services. Although you will not compromise with your dogs safety and comfort, however, there are quite a few boarding services that overcharge as compared to others. Evaluate all the dog kennel rates before deciding on the one you want to choose.

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