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A professional dog walker tends to your dog and his daily needs of walking and exercising by charging you a certain fee. There are times that you may not have the time to walk your dog regularly; this is where a dog walker steps in!

Allowing a dog outside for a stipulated period allows them to breathe in fresh air, get mentally and emotionally agile and become more sociable. A dog that is exercised well is more confident and well-balanced than others. Increased interaction with other breeds of dog and owners makes them more self-aware and happy.

Petsfolio provides you with expert dog walkers who are trained to handle different breeds and understand the psyche of a dog. With a gamut of services to cater to your dogs need and daily requirement, Petsfolio never lets owners and pets down!

With so many household becoming doggy friendly, there is a dire need to keep the dogs active and in good shape. Every dog needs to be walked and exercised everyday to ensure their health and well-being. Today, with the growing awareness regarding dog welfare and health issues, many homeowners are availing professional dog walking services, in case they do not have the time to do so.

Just like us, dogs too require a proper schedule to keep them fit, happy and anxiety-free. As pet owners, you are often tempted to treat your pets with a treat or two here and there. But, in the long run these little treats do turn into treatments, if not taken care of. Healthy dog walking schedule and timelines will ensure that your beloved pooch does not miss out any physical activity that is imperative for their well-being.

A dog locked up at home every day, without company, will slowly begin to feel left out, bored and develop bad behaviours. To ensure that all these factors do not affect your darling pooch, Petsfolio encourages taking help from the best dog walkers to battle any issue that may arise.

We help dogs transition from becoming anti-social to amiable dogs by giving them their daily dose of exercise and walks. The lack of stimulation and physical activities such as games will leave them depressed over a period of time. Get your neighbourhood dog walker to take your dogs out for a walk every day!

Our dog walking services include-

Trained staff

It is always a better and safer bet to have your dog walk with you, to create a better bond between owner and pet. However, with our busy lifestyles and schedules, you may not always have the time to walk them! Petsfolio offers complete dog walking services under the supervision of expert dog walkers and trainers who are adept at handling breeds of all kinds. Most of our dog walkers are dog owners themselves, who understand the basic requirement of every pet.

Every dog is first acquainted with their dog walker before going on a walk, so that they do not have a tough time following instructions.

Timely schedule

A dog knows when it is time for them to step out before you know it. Maintaining a healthy schedule helps them connect with the dog trainers better and gives a sense of satisfaction as well. We maintain a timely schedule to take your dog out for a walk or run and play games to ensure their overall development.

Maintaining a schedule is the best way to bring continuity in their lives.


Besides walking, dogs also need to play games to help them become better at following instructions. Our doggy games are designed to help them become better at understanding you, so that it is easier to communicate with them.

Right from playing catch to running to chasing a ball, dogs have a hearty time while on a walk, coming back home happy and contended. A dog that is tired and content with a complete dose of playtime, you are more likely to return to a home in one piece.

Socializing skills

Dogs learn to become more adaptable and social while going on regular walks. It is important for dogs to learn the art of socializing for their overall growth and development. A dog that socializes well is a more well-balanced pet, confident and interacts better with other people and pets.

Professional dog walkers provide a valuable service to your pets by ensuring that their health regime is completely taken care of everyday! A dog that can trust their dog walker and enjoys a lasting relationship that will enhance their lives manifold.

Petsfolio caters to every dogs personality and requirement. Whether it is a leisurely stroll or an exercise schedule to help them keep fit or even more boisterous dogs that require a great deal of exercise; we assure you of all types of dog walking service customized just for you!

Get your dog the dog walking service they deserve so that they develop healthy habits and emerge better pups in the future.

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